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Parts for straight-tuned 280
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Nov 27, 2019
5:01 PM
I bought a straight tuned 280 (64 Chromonica)

Mainly because I don’t have a 16 holer, and this one looks pretty clean and relatively straight and the box is clean and intact.

Also I set my price fairly low and was surprised to win it (since there were 11 other bids).

I can see the comb likely needs a repair but it’s about time I built a jig for comb repair.

I forgot about the fact these old 64s are straight tuned though, and the implications for obtaining slide parts. And then when I delved into that I found I had questions about mouthpiece as well.

I have a couple 270s, maybe a bit older than this 280, which were so much improved when I replaced the worn slide and channel (and mouthpiece in 1), I am aware the condition of these parts may be critical to playability.
From my point of view, it had not dawned on me that new parts would be unavailable. With the 270, the design is essentially unchanged since the 30s but the 280 has changed (more than once I think) and parts for the original style are long gone it seems.
May not be an issue anyway and I’ll know better next time. I should be able to get some basic 3rd position blues out it
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Nov 28, 2019
9:16 AM
Straight tuned 16 hole Hohner slides are scarcer than hen's teeth--good luck!
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Nov 28, 2019
1:46 PM
Yes it’s going to be down to luck about the slide.
BBQ Bob thought Hohner still had some parts (actual Hohner I mean, not “Hohner USA”) so I wrote to Cindy but she said the wild geese had not been seen around Trossingen for a long time.
It’s ok.
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Nov 29, 2019
8:38 AM
You may want to sniff around the chromatic only website Slidemeister and get some info there because there are a number of customizers there who specialize in chromatics only and some may have some parts that they may have hoarded.
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Nov 29, 2019
7:30 PM
It’s a good idea. Age is a pretty tough moderator though. I might have joined and failed to post much in the past. I think that gets a person deleted, but I’m not sure if the ban is carried forward.
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Dec 02, 2019
12:12 AM
The old 280 turned up today. The slide operates ok; I think some life left in it. Mouthpiece isn’t too bad but needs a good hygienic cleaning, which it was always going to get anyway.
The comb needs a repair though. I already could see that.
The case is in quite good shape. Just one serious thing wrong which is quite amazing given how good the general condition. There’s the point of a nail protruding through the back! Other than that it’s great although the catch is a bit stiff. Works though.
Generally the harp is ‘clean’. Not hygienically clean but clean like someone was playing it sometime in the last couple years. It doesn’t have a few decades of accumulated rust/corrosion and dirt. Should be an easy restoration if I can manage that comb.

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