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2019 Gear Update (Pedal Board, Amp & Mic)
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Moon Cat
789 posts
Nov 26, 2019
10:59 AM
Hey guys and Gals: Jason Ricci here. About twenty years ago I started with one compression pedal, fast forward to 2019: A brand new and updated video explaining the complete rundown of all my gear. This video explains what wireless, amplifier and microphone I use to the actual pedal board itself, power supplies and each individual pedal. The rundown also unveils a NEW PROTOTYPE Lone Wolf Blues Company Chorus Pedal! Even with all this gear I still love blowing straight into the PA just as much and sometimes using a bullet mic straight into a small amp. All the gear in the video just adds a lot of fun and different textures. Enjoy! Jason


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Moon Cat
790 posts
Nov 26, 2019
11:01 AM
*Microphone: Lone Wolf Jason Ricci Signature (Low Z Model)
*Amplifier: Harp Gear "HG 50" Tube 4/10"
*Pedal Chain (in order):
1.) "Samson Wireless"
2.) "Harp Shield" (Anti-Feedback Pedal) by Lone Wolf
3.) "Clean Cat" ( Clean Boost) by Lone Wolf
4.) "Harp Break" (Preamp/Distortion) by Lone Wolf
5.) "Flat Cat "(Optical Compressor) by Lone Wolf
6.) "AF-9" by Maxon (Auto Wah/Envelope Filter)
7.) "Pitch Fork" (Octave and Harmonizer) by Electro Harmonix
8.) Chorus by Lone Wolf (prototype)
9.) " (Analog Delay) by Dunlop/MXR (Short Delay)
10.) "Flash Back" Digital Delay by TC Electronics (Long Delay)
11.) "Harp Reverb" by Lone Wolf
12.) "Sonic Stomp" by BBE (Sonic Maximizer)
13.) "Little Red" OPTIONAL D.I. box for direct from Pedal Board to the PA by Lone Wolf (Not mentioned or used in this video)
* 6 channel LOOPER-SWITCHER by Saturnworks controls,:Auto Wah, Octaves Chorus and both long and short Delay pedals.
749 posts
Nov 26, 2019
11:49 AM
Wow! Mind boggling for an old man like me.
Wisdom does not always come with old age. Sometimes old age arrives alone.
Moon Cat
791 posts
Nov 26, 2019
2:33 PM
To MOST of us Sarge! Took me 6 months to envision how to make this all work and about 9 hours to put it together! Now its as simple as stepping on 8 different buttons! Hope you are well thanks for all the support over these many years!

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Nov 26, 2019
5:28 PM
I'm well J, thanks and the support was my pleasure.
Wisdom does not always come with old age. Sometimes old age arrives alone.
6327 posts
Nov 27, 2019
1:19 AM
Cool video, thank you, Jason, for showing that. I liked the demonstrations of various pedals and the explanation of the looper switcher.
Todd Parrott
1516 posts
Nov 27, 2019
11:41 AM
A super awesome video - perfect for someone trying to learn about these pedals! Thanks for sharing!
501 posts
Nov 27, 2019
5:23 PM
Very informative and fun vid, Jason. Thanks for sharing with us!

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