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Doug Deming w/The Iceman
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The Iceman
3958 posts
Nov 18, 2019
4:38 AM
Back in Detroit in the 90's, Doug Deming and I used to play together in a band backing up "Yard Dog Jones" - we went to Memphis for the IBC Challenge and won "New Blues Artist Release" Award, so it was great fun to reconnect with Doug after 25 years at a house party in Florida. Doug Deming and the Jewel Tones are the "real deal" when it comes to this style of music - how wonderful to play with a band that doesn't need VOLUME to groove!

Enjoy this short sample of the music we created just last Saturday night...

The Iceman
51 posts
Nov 18, 2019
7:39 AM
Loving your tone and patience in this clip. Sometimes I hear harmonica playing that embodies what I'm after. This is one of those times. Thanks for posting.
63 posts
Nov 18, 2019
8:39 AM
That was great! Thanks for sharing.
Jeff B

Just enjoying the music journey.
The Iceman
3959 posts
Nov 18, 2019
8:44 AM
Stalwart - sometimes the patience is because I truly don't know what I'm going to play next (in advance) - unless it is a cover like "Whammer Jammer" or "Juke"....it takes a moment for an idea to occur to me....living "on the edge" in real time is pretty cool.

I learned a lot from studying how Miles Davis approached the art of real time improvisation - by listening to his solos and reading interviews in which he talks about improv..
The Iceman
87 posts
Nov 18, 2019
8:47 AM
Great example of how less is more. Liked how the sax player sat out and did not step on you. A sign of true professional musicianship. --99
The Iceman
3960 posts
Nov 18, 2019
9:04 AM
99 - great observation - I totally enjoyed the sax player and during the evening, joined him on simple fills between vocals, did a little harmony fill with him, a bit o' call/response, etc. The whole band is full of real pros!
The Iceman
273 posts
Nov 19, 2019
10:43 AM
Nice musical lines here, Iceman! Gives me some ideas for further study. It must have been a blast playing with Doug and the band.
6306 posts
Nov 19, 2019
3:07 PM
It’s good to hear your playing, Iceman.
Thank you for posting this.
Moon Cat
788 posts
Nov 20, 2019
8:59 AM
NICE Larry, Killer turnaround on the V also!!!!!!! Great T-Bone impression by Doug too! Applause to all!

Last Edited by Moon Cat on Nov 20, 2019 9:00 AM
The Iceman
3963 posts
Nov 20, 2019
9:19 AM
Jason - I love it when musicians talk musician stuff with each other! It's the V turnaround that, I believe, is the least explored territory by most blues harmonica players - especially using all the notes available - played AS NOTES - available in the 2 and 3 hole inhales.

kudos to his sax player - we had fun locking in with sparse back up lines between vocal lines - at first unison, and then two part harmonies, but never getting in the way of vocals nor solos.
655 posts
Nov 21, 2019
12:39 PM
I really enjoyed it. Very musical
Konstantin Kolesnichenko(Ukraine)
ted burke
787 posts
Nov 29, 2019
10:55 PM
not bad at all. :)

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