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Lone wolf delay pedal
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Warner Baxter
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Oct 29, 2019
10:11 AM
I bought a lone wolf original delay pedal . Saw it working fine. I tried but with a different power supply later that day. maybe wrong power supply. Thought I heard a pop sound . Now not working.
Anyone have any idea what may have happened.
Besides me been stupid ??

Just looked inside. 100uf 25v m85 h732 capacitor popped.
Finding it hard to find same one. Although I'm no technical wizard

Last Edited by Warner Baxter on Oct 29, 2019 12:00 PM
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Oct 29, 2019
6:29 PM
I always use mine with the power supply I got with the unit. Sounds to me like you put too much juice in there!
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Warner Baxter
10 posts
Oct 30, 2019
1:08 AM
Thanks Jbone.
Silly me did that. Hoping I can get in to solder the new capacitor
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Oct 30, 2019
5:22 AM
Best of luck! Probably the guys at Lone Wolf can do a repair if that does not work.
Music and travel destroy prejudice.



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Oct 30, 2019
8:44 AM
Be very careful with power adapters for any pedals because the wrong amount of juice can risk permanent damage or expensive repairs. Make sure you find out what it requires first. There are specialized adapters pecifically made for using several pedals even if the required milliamp rating varies but they're properly set up for it and many adapters are just for a particular one only. Some pedals need a lot less juice and some need a lot and some pedals just can't be run using batteries at all.
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Oct 30, 2019
1:02 PM
Those pedals have 10 year warranty. What are the specs of the adapter you used? What I’m saying is, if the adapter actually was not to blame, you might have a claim. The date of manufacturing is stamped inside the enclosure.

Lone wolf replaced my delay, 9 years in, even though they only offered 5 years back in 09 when they built it; when they decided to extend the warranty period they applied it retrospectively. I’ve never heard of any other business doing that. The switch on mine went intermittent in 2017 and I took it with me to HCH18 and handed it to Randy. They basically gave me a new pedal inside my original enclosure.
I bought a Mojo Pad Deluxe at HCH18 too. Second time I plugged it in I found the switch had come apart. I was back home by then and the postage involved in sending it back didn’t make sense on a $50 unit. They sent me a brand new one on the strength of my email enquiry about how I could mend it myself.
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Warner Baxter
11 posts
Oct 30, 2019
2:48 PM
Thanks guys. Bought it second hand. My fault I deffo used wrong adapter. I know what capacitor now . I will put search in uk for anyone familiar with this work.
I would do myself but not sure I'm up to it but I have done soldering before . It's more getting circuit out .
Thanks again guys
Warner Baxter
12 posts
Nov 02, 2019
3:09 AM
Struggling to find the ss 100uf 25v m85°c h732 capacitor.
Can anyone advise as I'm trying to find the same one. What could I put in .
1461 posts
Nov 02, 2019
11:09 AM
Why would not simply contact the guys at Lone Wolf? Randy Landry is the owner and he is a super nice guy - very customer service oriented. Good chance he can send you the part you are looking for.
Tom Halchak
Blue Moon Harmonicas
Blue Moon Harmonicas
Warner Baxter
13 posts
Nov 02, 2019
2:29 PM
I have. No reply as yet but sure he will. I'm in uk so no point in shipping with ridiculous import and export prices.
Thanks again guys
177 posts
Nov 02, 2019
2:53 PM
All you need is a 100uF electrolytic (is it shaped like a can?) capacitor rated for at least 25 volts, although it could be rated higher, it will just be bigger. Ignore the rest of that information. Just make sure you install it on the board with the proper polarity.
Warner Baxter
14 posts
Nov 02, 2019
3:43 PM
Thanks markdc70.
I was trying to get exact match letter by letter.
Just trying to be safe .
Thankyou :-)
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Nov 07, 2019
12:11 PM
The biggest thing to watch for is the polarity of your adapter. Some are center positive, and some are center negative. Big difference, and can definitely pop a capacitor if the pedal doesn't have reverse polarity protection.

Unless you understand electronics, best to stick with the supplied adapter.

Jim McBride
Bottle 'O Blues microphones
Warner Baxter
15 posts
Nov 11, 2019
1:27 PM
Thanks jim
I changed capacitor that had popped but think pedals had it. No sound when engaging pedal except high pitch sound. Tried with 9v battery no pitch sound and nothing coming through . Light is on so the is power on plug and battery.
I'm in uk so no point sending to Randy who may I say offered of free fixing and for me to just pay postage which was very kind of him. Duties are crazy .
Thanks again
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Nov 11, 2019
4:48 PM
I’m surprised you have to pay duty on your own property just to move it across borders.
I work in the industry, albeit Australia, and while we certainly have taxes/duty on imports, it doesn’t apply to your own pre-owned property. In fact, on low value items the cost of administration versus revenue is such that we don’t usually bother.
Warner Baxter
16 posts
Nov 12, 2019
12:41 AM
I will recheck postage and Thankyou for comment.

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