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Bulletizer inside diameter
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Oct 26, 2019
3:23 PM
I’m trying to figure out if a bulletizer will fit on an Akai DM13. Does anyone know what the bulletizer ID is?
Thievin' Heathen
1175 posts
Oct 27, 2019
8:51 AM
interesting idea and an interesting mic. The mic diameter is significantly bigger than the 57 I have a bulletizer on. Your local ACE hardware store may have a plumbing adapter ideal for you purpose.
49 posts
Oct 27, 2019
10:12 AM
Thanks for the info. Maybe I can drill out the bulletizer to a larger diameter, or find somebody to machine it out for me. I was hoping the diameter wasn’t too large, so good news.
86 posts
Oct 30, 2019
2:08 AM

Here is a good mod, specific to the AKAI DM13. It works great with the right baster bulb. I used the "Good Cook' brand available at the link attached or maybe at your supermarket. Can't beat the price, it is a super mod. Check it out.

*Following are two posts I made a while back, specific to this/your question. It's easy, a no-brainer and it really works well.



And this...

« on: April 28, 2018, 04:49:00 PM »
I made a cool modification to a couple of stick mics using the bulb of a turkey baster. It allows for a better grip without possible hand cramps, great for small hands, adds a "cup" of sorts and adjusts to individual grips. Plus, it will protect the mic's head should it be dropped. DON'T drop your mic.

Simply cut a round hole in the center of the baster bulb. The hole should be a bit smaller than the diameter of the head of the mic. The cut should be symmetrical, cut round. The cut may be made using the sharp edge of a metal broom stick without the plastic cap over the top of the broom stick.

Slide the bulb up over the slightly moistened mic, threaded part of the bulb being at the base of the mic. The bulb will curl in on itself as it reaches the top of and grips the larger diameter of the mic's top. Keep pushing the bulb up to where you want it for cup size. Voila, one BASTER BLASTER !!!

This worked on two stick mics I use. I prefer to use the "Good Cook" brand of baster bulb, under $2 at the supermarket.

Have fun with this !

This is a link to the baster brand/model I used for the AKAI DM13 modification.


Last Edited by ROBERT TEMPLE II on Oct 30, 2019 2:36 AM
87 posts
Oct 30, 2019
2:35 AM
More data here re: mic grip mods.

932 posts
Oct 30, 2019
7:10 AM
I know Greg Heumann would usually respond, but I think he had to leave home due to the wildfires.
50 posts
Oct 31, 2019
7:34 AM
Now I have options, thanks!
51 posts
Nov 01, 2019
9:50 AM
Robert, is it the ball shaped 11” turkey blaster, or the apple(?) shaped one?
53 posts
Nov 01, 2019
3:52 PM
Never mind, figured it out. Off to the store tomorrow!
Thievin' Heathen
1177 posts
Nov 01, 2019
8:35 PM
I went down to ACE and bought some vinyl tubing and slid it up my DM13. It encased the element so the harps don't clank against it. Turkey baster is probably next.
54 posts
Nov 09, 2019
3:31 PM
Hoping this picture posts.
90 posts
Nov 11, 2019
1:04 PM
If you used the apple-shaped one, the same as I used, the baster at the top should round out if you work it toward that shape. Maybe not a big deal, just something I stumbled upon when making my baster mods last year. It's a good fix, no?

You may've noticed that you may bury the threaded end into the rubber just above it. So, given that, you may use THAT end [the threaded/tucked-in part] as the head of the mic, as opposed to the way you have it in the photo here. Depends on the mic's shape, and how you like the feel, one way or another. These bulbs may also be turned inside-out. Real smooth inside, no seams. Looks like you like this shape. I'm happy others have taken to this no-nonsense, inexpensive mic mod. it really helps one hold an otherwise slender mic and make better use of it.
56 posts
Nov 11, 2019
6:39 PM
I did end up with the apple shaped one. Haven’t had a chance to plug it in my amp yet. Argh! Sounds like I have some experimenting ahead, but I’m thinking it will work out well!
91 posts
Nov 12, 2019
3:14 PM
@ eetechTom - It dawned me that you and I may have different ideas as to what shape an apple takes. The red Good Cook baster bulb I used for the AKAI DM13 mod is shaped like a Red Delicious Apple, so, it is NOT the round one that I recommend.

I recognise the grill here in your photo, it is that of the AKAI you have. I can tell you that the bulb will adjust better on the mic and feel uniform in your hands if you do the following...

Remove the bulb from the mic. It helps to lightly moisten the mic's shaft in order to more easily slide the bulb off TOWARD THE MIC'S CORD END, less abuse to the mic's head that way.

Next push/invert the threaded end of the bulb back up into the bulb. It should just"pop" into place when so-doing. THAT is the end that you want at the top of the mic, where you play into. It will curl in on itself nicely. See how easy that was? It takes a nice, round shape, ready for application. Lightly moisten the mic's shaft and slide the now-inverted bulb up, up to where you want it. Cool, right?

The hole that you cut in the top of the bulb shouldn't be much bigger than a nickel [U.S. five cent piece]. If it is too big, it won't grip the shaft of the mic snuggly enough and will allow the bulb to slink down when pressure is applied to it.

Try this, I'm pretty sure you will find this a better way to apply the bulb to the AKAI DM13. Other mics' dimensions may require a different approach/bulb brand or size. Color? Meh, who cares? Good luck, let us know how it turns out. Peace.

Last Edited by ROBERT TEMPLE II on Nov 12, 2019 3:23 PM

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