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up jumped the devil life of robert johnson
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Oct 24, 2019
3:52 PM
who has read this book......hopefully it has evidence of his death......the coroner report was death by pneumonia and not poisoning......although he had no attending physician there really was coroner report.....its my opinion that he could not have lived 3 days of styricnine poisoning without antidote
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Oct 31, 2019
5:35 PM
I have finished reading this book......Robert was snaking a mans wife......he put mothball concoptions in his whiskey which was not intending to kill him......but Robert had stomach ulcer and it made him so sick the ulcer perforated and he died from esophageal bleeding
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Nov 02, 2019
7:05 PM
Sad end to a founder.
Music and travel destroy prejudice.



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Nov 02, 2019
9:47 PM
Every time I see the first 4 words in the title of this thread, I automatically finish it of with “he’s about this big” and who knows where that track is gonna quit
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Nov 08, 2019
4:17 AM
I have a book that was a screenplay on Robert but was never released

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