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Xvive U2 wireless system with harmonica
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Adam Pritchard
136 posts
Apr 13, 2019
3:07 PM
Anyone out there got any experience of using the Xvive wireless system with a harmonica mic? Any good? I'm thinking of going wireless and these look too good to be true for the money.

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Apr 13, 2019
6:25 PM
I have one, I like it. Easy to set up. Not sure how long the battery lasts. I have never used it longer than I hour. It does recharge quickly. So far , the only downside is that the batteries are not replaceable. I would think that after a few years, the units would need to be replaced.
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Apr 15, 2019
7:43 AM
I've had problems with mine; a couple times it picked up RF interference, , another time , using a wireless P>A., all the wireless signals basically stepped all over the U2s signal, and it wouldn't work at all.
760 posts
Apr 15, 2019
4:44 PM
@root: The only times I've had any interference (once or twice) it was easily remedied by switching to another channel. When I had my one "wouldn't work at all" moment it turned out my transmitter and receiver were on different channels.

I expect you checked that; I only mention it in case someone else has similar problems.

761 posts
Apr 15, 2019
4:46 PM
I wrote a review of this device some time ago, here

John M G
301 posts
Apr 15, 2019
10:11 PM
I'm just about to buy one to use with my Jason Ricci Lone Wolf mic and had just sent Lone Wolf an email to ask if it would work with the mic. I received a reply from them just this morning to say that the Xvive U2 is one of the most popular wireless set ups. I'm going to buy one. They say they are good for 5 hours of play time from one charge. Hope that's some help
812 posts
Apr 16, 2019
12:42 AM

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Adam Pritchard
137 posts
Apr 23, 2019
10:35 PM
Thanks for the info guys. I took the plunge and ordered the Xvive U2 on Monday. It arrived yesterday in time for my band rehearsal. Turned the transmitter and receiver both on and they connected straight away. Plugged the receiver into my amp and the transmitter into my jt30. Wow! It just works. Swapped back to a cable and there was no discernable difference. I also tried it with the receiver into a drive pedal straight to p.a. and it worked equally well. What a fabulous piece of kit. I used it for the full 2 hour rehearsal with no problems. I have a gig next Friday and will let you know how it shapes up but so far I'm wondering why I haven't bought an Xvive system sooner. £100 well spent.

Last Edited by Adam Pritchard on Apr 23, 2019 10:36 PM
1675 posts
Apr 24, 2019
6:12 AM
Wireless is a lot of fun. Using it did a lot for my playing with hearing the band out front. The perspective from stage is inevitably limited in terms of crowd experience. I'm more loose, animated, intentional and aware of the crowd experience.
I use the BOSS WL-20. +5 hours on a charge with transmitter and receiver together about the size of one harp. Easy, no issues.
John M G
302 posts
Apr 24, 2019
6:13 AM
I'm still waiting for mine to arrive! Glad to hear you like it. I'm looking forward to receiving mine

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