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Uploading quicktime .MOV to youtube question
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The Iceman
3805 posts
Apr 05, 2019
7:23 AM
This forum has a lot of pretty knowledgeable tech folks, so I'm hoping someone will be able to give me easy instructions on how to upload 627 MB file to youtube and if it can be emailed or shared directly with friends.

Also, the video clip which originated from someone's phone and plays at a 45 degree angle. Can this be corrected?

Sound quality is very good.

You guys are THE SOURCE
The Iceman
1087 posts
Apr 05, 2019
8:11 AM

I dont know about the 45 degree correction
Sorry for any misspell, english is not my first language.
The Iceman
3807 posts
Apr 05, 2019
9:10 AM
Holy Moly. Hadn't realized it had gotten so easy! Thanks, rogonzab. Upload also automatically corrected that 45 degree angle issue.

Will upload video to the forum.
The Iceman
3785 posts
Apr 13, 2019
8:59 AM
You may have problems uploading a .MOV file. If you do you may need to convert to MP4 or WMV first.

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