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A bit of folk music mastery
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John M G
290 posts
Mar 04, 2019
4:09 AM
I just came across this while researching something to play at the local folk club I belong to.
This piece is just a (big) bit beyond my reach! Great playing, enjoy.
I'd like to know who it is that's playing. Sounds like a C chromatic to me?

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123 posts
Mar 04, 2019
1:22 PM
If I had to guess, even though its folk, that sounds like Howard to me.
The Iceman
3786 posts
Mar 04, 2019
2:31 PM
Howard for sure!
The Iceman
2638 posts
Mar 04, 2019
2:57 PM
You don't have to guess!


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ted burke
749 posts
Mar 04, 2019
3:00 PM
2639 posts
Mar 04, 2019
3:21 PM
Some folks aren't impressed by Howard--I am!

This is a Yiddish "gig tune", I do this one--I even know the intro verse, thanks to Phil Shopoff (and Stone's Throw) {this reference is for Ted} . . .
John M G
291 posts
Mar 04, 2019
6:11 PM
If it's Howard, is this all played on a diatonic then? I'm trying to get my head around how fluent all the runs are. Simply amazing
I'm with you Gnarly
ted burke
750 posts
Mar 04, 2019
8:58 PM
Oy, I remember Stone's Throw indeed. Great vintage jazz band in San Diego in the 70s
1632 posts
Mar 04, 2019
11:12 PM
Sounds like it's being played on a Low F.

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Thievin' Heathen
1119 posts
Mar 05, 2019
6:01 AM
O.K. My mind is now blown. Back to reality.., time to head out into the traffic.
1917 posts
Mar 06, 2019
8:40 AM
Here is the same recording with proper attribution:


Doug S.

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