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Mar 03, 2019
2:26 PM
I'm pretty new to playing harmonica. I can play Piano Man. Lol. I'm wanting to play Fruit of my Labor by Lucinda Williams. I know the song is in A flat so.what would I play the harp in?

Sorry if I seem like a complete dummy. I am. That's why I thought I'd find some experts. I appreciate your time. Please don't mock me too much. Lol

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Mar 03, 2019
2:54 PM
Sounds like an Ab harp on the record.

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Mar 03, 2019
3:14 PM

The info I found indicates that Billy Joel originally performed the song in C major and later dropped it to Bb major.

What version are you listening to and hearing an Ab harp, and in what position?

EDIT: @Gnarly
Regarding your answer below:
I was interrupted several times while reading the OP and despite having read the bit about the Lucinda Williams song I lost track of the actual question after reading your initial answer and then seeing it had changed. My conclusion is that I don't multitask very well and should only post when there are few distractions.

Doug S.

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Mar 03, 2019
4:41 PM
You are correct about Piano Man.

The OP asked about Fruits of my Labor by Lucinda Williams. That's the song I'm talking about.
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Mar 03, 2019
5:47 PM
Ruschelle, I don't know about the Lucinda Williams song you asked about but stick around. Lots of good and knowledgeable folks here to help you on your journey! We all began at the beginning, right?
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Mar 03, 2019
10:23 PM
It sounds similar to Etta James (I'd Rather be Blind)
There are a few examples of harmonica and tabs on youtube
Dont know if that helps.
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Mar 04, 2019
7:26 AM
If you want to replicate the harp that´s on Lucind W´s record, yes you can pcik up an Ab harp and play in what´s known as First position.
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Mar 08, 2019
9:22 AM
quick listen and then looked for chords on line

What key harps do u have?
I recorded the solo from u tube --I kept the solo in original key and dropped the solo a 1/2 step to G as well

Reason: G harps are super easy to find and are very common in folky stuff Neil young Dylan bunch more

If time allows I'll try record the lead

Would have to agree Most likely 1st pos so if u play in Ab use Ab harp---

On the chords I found online -they capo first fret---chords [in open position] online [with capo at 1st] are G Am C

BUT WITH CAPO AT ONE IT MAKES [in open chords] (G=Ab)-- (Am=Bbm) C=C#

the song could easily be played in G [just don't capo]

If u don't play guitar--- open chords are standard G C A Am D Dm E Em -- ALWAYS PLAYED WITHOUT A BARRE---ALWAYS PLAYED AT EASY END OF GUITAR BY TUNING KEYS

S0 if u only play harp and u look up chords on line to a song--to get idea what to play

And if at the top it says [capo 1] and say's play a G chord---that open G then becomes [G#,Ab]

If capo at 2 and say's play a G chord---that open G then becomes [A ] etc

However many capo's raises by 1/2 steps to new chord
ie: capo 5 ---
count up 5 [1/2 steps] from G=
(G#) (A) (A#,Bb) (B) (C]
When play the G chord open with capo at 5 ur actually playing a C chord

This info redundant for [piano guitar etc] players but may help some one who doesn't

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Mar 08, 2019
2:13 PM
I am mainly a guitarist, and try not to use a capo--but for a song like this, capo makes the most sense--or, as Snowman says, just play in G.
BTW, I do keep a capo handy, for just such occasions as this (e.g., "Fire and Rain" uses open bass notes along with notes up the neck, but is in B.)

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