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Feb 23, 2019
5:31 AM
Treble, trebliness, the harsh sound of un-equalized harmonica, especially in the upper register, is a thing many of us try most decidedly to avoid, generally by the simple measure of turning the treble/tone knob back.
At times this has caused me an unwanted effect, namely that you don´t hear the upper register. Since I´m one of those who tend to use the upper octave quite a bit this has occasionally annoyed me, and it happened just the other day when I played on a borrowed amp.

Is this something you guys adress -- if you are at all familiar with it -- with EQ-pedals etc?
I have a Boss parametric, but frankly, I hate to fiddle with it (gives me a headache), so it mostly stays at home; in cases there are jams and I´m invited to sit in and the PA sounds substandard (although some PA´s can sound just lovely) I bow out rather than plague myself and the audience.

To a certain extent these things can be controlled with cupping technique and so on -- but not always, in my experience.

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Feb 23, 2019
8:00 AM
Lone Wolf Harp Tone+ for non-harp amps -- makes all the difference IMO.
Edit: Example - Princeton Reverb tone knobs are usable (most folks say bass=10, treble=0, not so w/tone+

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Feb 23, 2019
10:14 AM
I start with the amp or PA treble down and adjust upward until I hear the high end as much as I would like. Occasionally I may have to tweak it during performance.

I have a parametric eq pedal and have used it in the past with a specific amp of mine, but have not been using it for quite a while. The specific amp had too much treble and I would cut it with the pedal. After a speaker replacement the amp's tone control range was OK for harp.

When sitting in I often use my EHX 44 Magnum / Lil Buddy rig. At times when playing I will flip the bright switch on if the highs seem to need a boost.

You could set up your pedal to enhance highs and turn it on only when you need more highs.

Doug S.
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Feb 24, 2019
9:49 AM
@dougharps: Yes, that could be one way of going about. Problem is that I use the upper register pretty much all the time. But I guess I´ll just have take myself to school and learn how to use the EQ pedal -- if it should be used at all.

@TetonJohn: The LW stuff is rather pricey (at least here in Europe) but I´ll keep the Harp Tone in mind. (Saw a couple of videos where it was used and they made a case for it.)

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