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Feb 08, 2019
8:06 PM
This should perhaps go on another section of the forum but it is kind of news and I think there are many who might like to know.

On the For Sale portion of the forum I have an immaculate Sonny Jr Avenger on offer. Gary Onofrio aka Sonny Jr has offered to provide one year of customer service to the buyer of my amp. Although his service is 2nd to none to original buyers he does not normally provide support on used amps anymore than Fender, Marshall and the like. If you want to ask about settings, tubes, speakers, or any other questions you can just shoot him an email and he'll provide the help. Follow up phone conversations are possible depending on what the issue might be.

This is a very generous offer from a man who is pretty much by consensus the most tone obsessed builder of harmonica amps ever. It's like being able to talk to Enzo Ferrari about the best way to set up your Ferrari Daytona.

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