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Gary V Kinney
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Feb 02, 2019
6:09 PM
Go to the Uniseal Warehouse and order a rubber gasket with the correct Inside Diameter (matching the outside diameter of your microphone) and slip the gasket on the microphone.
Cheap and easy and gives the microphone some traction in the hand.
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Feb 02, 2019
8:33 PM
Or use a mic stand. Easier to do hand effects and cup and you don't have to wave a stick mic around.
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Feb 03, 2019
7:58 AM
I made a great discovery a year or so ago regarding making stick mics easier to handle. Here are links to the idea.



Very simple mod, along the same lines as what the o.p. suggests.
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Feb 04, 2019
9:31 AM
Hi all,
Right now Im using the "Robert Temple Model" turkey baster----with end end cut-----thank u Robert-----Id prefer it in black, but its orange brown------------

on my J Ricci lone wolf mic 57

Like- the fact that it works and IT PROTRUDES OUT PAST THE PLASTIC END OF MIC--- ELIMINATING THE LOUD "BANG U HEAR , when the end of mic hits harp-----this can happen when setting up to play or during playing
it also gives a non slippery pt of reference as to how far harp is away from mic and a guide for tighter cupping
also since it sticks out past end of mic its already partially cupped by baster
dislike-- the fact that i went the full deal on mic--my name custom red etc- and then I have this uneven cut rubber deal

thank u Gary as I might try to use this gasket or combo of the 2-----its black like end of mic----however if i cant figure out a way to get to stick out past end of mic, to stop "pops"--then I'll stick w/ the baster
Thanks both u guys for yr posts
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Feb 04, 2019
11:06 AM
If you ever buy fresh broccoli you know there is a FREE big fat rubber band holding the bunch together. Great on bullets, I bet doubled over it would also be great on a stick mic. FREE.
Music and travel destroy prejudice.



54 posts
Feb 06, 2019
4:31 PM
@snowman, I'm glad you tried the Baster Blaster idea. I have experimented with a variety of baster bulbs, I like the more pliable one that Good Cook makes, in red. The Bulbs may be turned inside-out, too, for more options as the rubber will bulge out differently. The inside is without seams, generally speaking, and is very smooth yet grippy. Cat hairs do stick to the inside-out surface more, so, keep the mic away from cats. I found that cutting the bulb is unnecessary if I experiment with the shapes of different bulbs. I have also use two bulbs on one mic for a better dimension the length of the wand mic, my hands want contact without having to curve in too much which can result in cramping. Another way to stave off cramping is to drink a few ounces of pickle juice, good for marinates, too. I just looked at the model you mentioned, snowman, and the mic looks like it must be hard to get a bulb up and around. I might suggest, if you didn't already, that you remove the volume knob first and THEN slide the bulb up from the bottom of the mic, but maybe that might not be best. I was at Walmart yesterday and I saw a $6 green baster that was massive, maybe the size you need. Another option might be the bulbs on bicycle horns, usually in black, right? I use the addition of an o-ring instead of a second bulb below the top bulb, like as you mentioned you might do. That works well, too, but may slide. Wide rubber band[s] there will stop the slide. I also made a great discovery when I cut a bulb too far making an adjustment. I ended up with a small part of the bulb that fits nicely in my left hand, it affords me a way to cup better when playing acoustically, a very discreet mute. Try that, too. @jbone, I'm having broccoli tonight. Live lobsters, at least around here, have those same rubber bands holding their claws shut. HAVE A GOOD DAY, EVERYONE.
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Feb 07, 2019
2:13 PM
@snowman Another option I spied at the local Walmart, also in the kitchen utensils dept., is the use of the various rubber funnels for sale there. They have different ones in size and rim material. There is one that MAY come in different colors that has a hard-plastic larger opening with a lip/rim that tapers down to a rubber mid-section and ends with a hard-plastic tip. I looked at the picture of your mic, the model you mentioned anyway, and it appears to be larger diameter than any of the mics I have modded with the bulbs. So, maybe one the funnels might work, likely in conjunction with an o-ring of some sort, elastics, etc. What's nice about using the rubber is that no nasty tape gunk will ever appear which can transfer from mic to fingers, harps and beyond. Check online for baster varieties, there are hundreds! Again, good luck with your mods. Let us know how it works out. Cheers !

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