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HarmoniCollege is 2 months away
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Jim Rumbaugh
1321 posts
Feb 02, 2019
6:36 AM
HarmoniCollege (8) 2019 with “professor” Mike Caldwell

HarmoniCollege 2019 will be Friday April 5 & Saturday April 6

Mike Caldwell will be teaching harp. Mike explained to me, “My goal and mission is to teach players how to be an enhancement to the music --- team players who contribute to the musical conversation without DOMINATING it. This will make them welcome additions to jams and sit-in situations rather than the annoying harp player who must be endured/tolerated. “

This year, Mike presents “Fix My Lick”. Pre-registered students can send Mike a song and he will make suggestions on how to play it. Registered students can send their requests to jrumbaug@live.marshall.edu or directly to Mike via:
EMAIL: kamikazeharp@hotmail.com
CELL: (865) 438-5291
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/mike.caldwell.585

Requests received so far are:
'Apple Tree Swing’, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyojEUrpeRg
“Faith, Faith, Faith”; by the Mississippi Kairos Band,
A review of “the major pentatonic and blues scales”
Who's Been Talking
Billy Branch's "Help Me!"

Private 30 minute lessons can be scheduled with Clint Hoover as well as Mike Caldwell for $50.

The fee is the same as last year. $70 covers the lessons, jams, and all your food. (up to 5 meals)

Room and bed costs are the same as the last 2 years. Rooms are $180, Beds are $120.
Room and classes are $250 total. Bed and classes are $190 total.

Jim Rumbaugh
The Harmonica Club
Huntington, WV


Last Edited by Jim Rumbaugh on Feb 05, 2019 9:56 AM
1900 posts
Feb 03, 2019
9:18 AM
"Juke" ???!!!


There are whole courses about that song. People still take sides in big disagreements about exactly how Walter Jacobs played the iconic Chess version. Walter played it differently at different times, too!

There is all kinds of information about this song that is readily available online, with tabs, YouTubes, etc. If someone is really into the song, go for it! "Juke" is far more than a lick.

I sure hope this song doesn't consume the entire "Fix My Lick" portion of the workshop!

Doug S.
Jim Rumbaugh
1323 posts
Feb 03, 2019
11:22 AM
I agree with you.
We will and do take requests. We will also allow equal time. We will also make sure everyone has a good time.

I am ready to walk a tightrope and do a balancing act. :)

theharmonicaclub.com (of Huntington, WV)

Last Edited by Jim Rumbaugh on Feb 03, 2019 11:23 AM
1901 posts
Feb 03, 2019
12:07 PM
You and the club always host a great event!

I am certain that you can walk a tightrope, do a balancing act, and juggle at the same time. All metaphorically, of course...

I am looking forward to HarmoniCollege in 2 months!

Doug S.
591 posts
Feb 05, 2019
9:14 AM
Jim: If your not getting flooded with requests, I would love to learn a lick or two on Billy Branch's "Help Me!" or for all that matters, "Mystery Train." Hallelujah! It'll be great no matter which we study; You guys Rock! and Roll, which means I can't wait to eat ms Donna's homemade cookin and gain 5 pounds!!!
And I Thank You !!
KC Bluz
Givin the devil the Bluz
Jim Rumbaugh
1324 posts
Feb 05, 2019
9:43 AM
I'm adding it to the list and sending Mike Caldwell your request for Billy Branch's "Help Me!"

Mike's happy with the requests we have recieved.
theharmonicaclub.com (of Huntington, WV)

Last Edited by Jim Rumbaugh on Feb 05, 2019 9:55 AM

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