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Seydel 1847 Classic in A 2 and 1 draw to high
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Jan 06, 2019
2:28 AM
Hello Harmonica Players,
i'm new to this Forum and this is my first post.

I play the harp for about 2 years.
In the past i was only passive here and saw very nice / helpfull discussions regarding harmonica which animated me to post myself.

To my question:

I play on a Seydel 1847 Classic in A about 2 months, before i played on a Special 20.

Last week i saw the Gussow.014 secrets revealed video on Youtube, where mr. Adam Gussow explains how to exercise scales.
He plays there on a Bb and an A harmonica.

I've played along this video and found out that his 2 draw on the A harmonica sounds much deeper than mine.
With much air and bending i can play the 2 draw as deep as Adams. But it's a very airy sound and not very natural to play.

I've tested it with my guitar tuner, when i played the 2 draw without much force and natural, it was about 20% higher than an E.

I've should add that my Special 20 sounds deeper, when i play with the same breathing.

Here is a sound example of the 2 draw:

The same problem concerns the 1 draw.
When i play octaves i think the 1 draw is more in the foreground.

Here is a sound example of the 1 draw with octaves:

Such a Seydel is not very cheap and i want to ask you before i change anything on it

Is this normal with Seydels that they tuned higher, is it a technical issue from my side or should i try to retune it?

Thanks in advance.
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Jan 06, 2019
3:42 AM
I’m getting that 2 draw at about 8 cents sharp of 443Hz standard.
I’d say thats a little sharp but not unusual
I’ll have to post this and come back as the machine wont let me copy anything from your post now that I’ve commenced typing
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Jan 06, 2019
3:49 AM
My machine is hearing the 1 draw at various places but as high as 20 cents sharp of 443Hz standard. Sometimes on 10 cents. The octave split reads much closer to 0.
I’d say that 1 draw is a bit beyond reasonable. It may not be abnormal but it should be.
If it was mine I’d retune it but since it is new perhaps you can talk to the people at seydel and get them to make it right
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Jan 06, 2019
7:03 AM
Thanks for your quick response.

My tuner was configured to 441 Hz, with 443 Hz the pitch fits better.

I've tuned the 2 reeds a bit here is the result:

2 draw:

1 draw:

I think the pitch fits better after the tuning, the octave flutters in the recording.
I've tried the octaves again and the fluttering is gone without a change, maybe i played different.

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