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R.I.P. Tony Joe White
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Thievin' Heathen
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Oct 26, 2018
5:24 PM
ted burke
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Oct 27, 2018
11:10 AM
Tony Joe White was a natural, a blend of blues, country, swamp rock and soul, rootsy, funky, authentic. He was a solid musician, a fine guitarist, effective harmonica player, and he was possessed of a deep, resonant growl of a voice that drew you right into his tales. RIP
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Oct 27, 2018
3:58 PM
Tony Joe White was a wonderful person. I got to play with him, Neil Young, Waylon Jennings, at a benefit concert for the tornado victims of Jarrel, TX. Tony organized the event. He was humble, soft spoken, yet was a regarded as a superstar among many superstars. I wonder why he never made it bigger than he did? Walter
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Oct 27, 2018
7:58 PM
Tony Joe White wrote Rainy Night in Georgia, a great song recorded by Brook Benton, Ray Charles, Otis Rush, Little Milton, Johnny Rivers and tons of other people.
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Oct 31, 2018
10:59 AM
I went to Fillmore Auditorium in August 1969 to interview both Jr. Walker and Tony Joe White, the latter a story assignment from Rolling Stone.

Tony opened for Lee Michaels (who opened for Junior Walker) so we had a lot of time to talk before his 2nd set. Somewhere during the interview and our discussion of music I mentioned I played harp, but there was no playing.

When he began his second set Tony said, "Right now I want to bring up a harmonica player from Rolling Stone..." This was nothing ever discussed or expected, but I went on stage to play with Tony's "band" - Tony Joe, drums and Hammond B-3. While that interview never became ink, it was etched in my mind.

I never saw him again but have always been grateful for his random act of kindness; providing an opportunity to a young, untested musician on a night I expected would be all about him. R.I.P. Tony Joe White, and thank you again.
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Nov 01, 2018
10:38 AM
Thanks for posting Thievin Heathen. Sad news indeed. Polk Salad Annie made a huge impression on me when I first heard it a long time ago in far off New Zealand. RIP Tony Joe.
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Nov 02, 2018
7:01 AM
rainy night in georgia is timeless.....composed by tony joe.........
Thievin' Heathen
1076 posts
Nov 09, 2018
8:10 PM
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Nov 10, 2018
2:02 AM
Wonderful stuff Theivin'. Just so uncluttered and soulful - less is deffinitely more. He's a great loss.
Harpeaux Edwards
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Nov 10, 2018
7:35 AM
Chomp-chomp, the gator got your granny, that was it for me.....
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Nov 13, 2018
10:27 AM
Don't forget "Willie and Laura Mae Jones".

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Nov 13, 2018
10:29 AM
Oh...and GREAT story, BnT

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