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Sep 03, 2018
10:31 AM
this is movie about the life of paul butterfield.....he came about in the 1960s when the older masters were in their last days or already passed.....would love to see it.....has anyone seen it?
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Sep 03, 2018
10:42 AM
If you go to hornfortheheart.com it has a list of showings. He’s my fav player and I’ve stolen plenty of his licks.
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Sep 07, 2018
4:44 AM
Everythings gonna be alright, live.Thats a great spot in the amp./harp history.I`m glad to have seen P.B.back in the day,in big halls,and little bars.
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Sep 07, 2018
8:21 AM
I just found this link to Butter's East-West. It is a montage of hippies layered over the tune, quite amazing footage over a more amazing harp from the heart. Butter was the first harp person I got into, way back in 1973 or so, maybe a tad earlier. His Driftin' Blues from Woodstock was the tune that got under my skin first, then everything else he did in his unique jazz/blues style. Enjoy the cut here. I too look forward to seeing the movie one day soon. Peace.

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Sep 07, 2018
2:14 PM
saw butterfield 10/6/79.......he opened for muddy on vanderbilt campus in nashville with rick danko on bass......after muddy played some.....he called up paul......who could not be found.....could see the hurt and disappoiment in muddys eyes
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Sep 07, 2018
3:40 PM
There is another East-West cd that was put out on the Winner label. It is on Marks site bluespower.com
Not sure if it is still available.


1 - East-West, Live Version #1 (12:37)
2 - East-West, Live Version #2 (15:55)
3 - East-West, Live Version #3 (28:06)

1 - Whiskey A Go-Go, Hollywood, California, winter, 1966
2 - Poor Richard's, Chicago, spring, 1966
3 - Golden Bear, Huntington Beach, California, winter, 1967

Paul Butterfield, harmonica & maracas (#1 only)
Michael Bloomfield, guitar
Elvin Bishop, guitar
Mark Naftalin, keyboards
Jerome Arnold, bass
Billy Davenport, drums
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Oct 23, 2019
8:38 PM
Amazon now has the dvd and blu ray of Horn From the Heart for sale at reasonable prices. They also have an instant download rental and download purchase. I did a download and watched it a few nights ago. Longtime Butterfield fans like me, probably won't learn anything new and the movie could have been longer instead of 90 minutes but I think the film is well worth watching. Worth at least a rental.

Last Edited by DanP on Oct 23, 2019 8:50 PM
Thievin' Heathen
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Oct 23, 2019
11:53 PM
I saw the movie a 2-3 months ago. What stuck in my mind is how much they had to resort to soundtrack infills over still photos. Yes, I realize there were no cell phones back then, but if you don't need the visual aspect and the narrative, all the music is out there on youtube. You need not be heart broken if the movie doesn't come to your town. Just an observation.
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Oct 24, 2019
1:00 AM
I was disappointed that it skimmed over the later part of Butterfield's career. There was no mention of Paul working with members of The Band, Henry Glover and Muddy Waters for Muddy's last Chess album recorded at Levon Helm's home studio in Woodstock New York. Also,as you pointed out,TH, it seemed like the filmmakers could not get the rights to some of Butterfield's filmed performances. No footage of the Better Days band, for example, which I saw on TV back in the day. Plus no performances from Saturday Night Live and David Letterman. I liked the movie but it could have been better.

Last Edited by DanP on Oct 24, 2019 2:08 AM
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Oct 24, 2019
5:59 AM
I watched it in a cinema sort of situation and I really wasn’t there for the soundtrack; I wanted the story. To that end, I thought the movie was a valid presentation of the production team’s vision. I left with an impression of Butterfield which was fairly different to that which I’d held previously.
I did not know much about him. I’d heard the first 5 albums plus other material from that era plus some live stuff from later. I did not know much of his life story so it was interesting to me. I felt I understood more why people hold him in such high esteem.
Honkin On Bobo
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Oct 24, 2019
11:15 AM
Rented it on Amazon Prime streaming a few weeks ago. I loved it. But I am an avowed Butterfield fan. My only complaint would echo what's written above, which is I would have liked it to have been longer, more footage etc. But I understand why it wasn't. Lastly, I share SuperBee's comment about not knowing much of his life story, so that was interesting to me as well. I would love to see the SNL and Letterman performances (didn't even know he appeared on those shows), but NBC are major *!@@#@*%'s when it comes to the copyright thing so I guess no chance of that happening. Glad I rented it.
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Oct 26, 2019
12:45 PM
Honkin, the Letterman appearance is on YouTube
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Oct 26, 2019
3:01 PM
the live drifting and drifting harp solo was incredible......one of the greatest no doubt
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Nov 03, 2019
3:37 PM
this was awesome documentary on a great great blues musician......great harp player,great vocalist...….legendary
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Mar 10, 2020
2:32 PM
The wife has Amazon Prime, so this was available at no additional charge.
Quite enjoyable, recommended!
He sure left a mark.

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