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Roly Platt: Born under a Bad Sign
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Chris L
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Dec 04, 2016
9:21 PM
This is an interesting clip. I shared it to another post, but I think it deserves its own. Is this third position? Some of the notes at the lower end sound like they are dragged out of those 2&3 hole bends in the 3rd Position Blues scale. Very distinctive work Roly does here. And the rest of the band are pretty solid musicians too!
1541 posts
Dec 04, 2016
10:30 PM
It sounds like he's playing cross harp but he's in a different mode than the usual Mixolydian. It could be Dorian but I really don't know. Really nice stuff.

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Dec 05, 2016
6:50 AM
I like Roly's playing and watching the drummers facial antics increases the entertainment factor of this video.
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Dec 05, 2016
8:25 AM
sounds to me like the band is in A and he is using a D harp in 2 nd

like what thieving heathen said.
1097 posts
Dec 05, 2016
10:06 AM
Yes, 2 pos, but sounds like 6D is tuned up a half step or so.
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Dec 05, 2016
11:52 AM
Roly does use country tuned harps.

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Dec 05, 2016
2:12 PM
i am not hearing any altered tunings. perhaps some interesting note choices at around 1:48
but other than that it sounds like a stock seydel.

he is a member here perhaps he can chime in?
3873 posts
Dec 06, 2016
9:24 AM
so somehow this is not working for me. the groove is just not locked in.
in a trio the bass player has more freedom for excursions up the neck.
in a quartet he needs to hold down the bottom.

they are not trying to copy the original song, so some artistic license is warranted.
but this is not at all cohesive.

this is not an easy song by any stretch of the imagination. if you pay attention to the originalrecording, you will notice that there are 8 bar sections 12 bar sections,
and at least once he plays a 14 bar section. albert king was at one time a drummer.

this is a bit tricky for a simple blues song.
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Nov 26, 2020
7:23 AM
FWIW, and I know this is an old post, the Bassist is Prakash John, has played with Alice Cooper, the Funkadelics, and many others. Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997. Does he have his "groove on" in this song? Decide for yourself. But he does certainly know how to "get his groove on" whether quartet or trio.
631 posts
Nov 28, 2020
12:05 PM
just found out about him "Roly Platt" in the last year or so. Another one of those players that makes me feel like a beginner again. Which is a good thing.

Thanks for post he really rocks. bought some of his instructional stuff.

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180 posts
Nov 29, 2020
5:19 PM
Prakash John is is a great player and his son is an incredible singer with a huge range. He is young in this clip and is much more refined and honed in now. He is now the kind of guy who should be a household name in the blues but he is one of those guys that is largely unknown. Al Cross is on the drums and is a fixture in the Toronto blues scene. He was the drummer for Big Sugar. Incredible amount of talent on that stage at the Coach and Lantern in Ancaster Ontario. Man I miss live music...

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