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Holiday Chromatic--Winter Wonderland
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Dec 17, 2013
6:14 PM
Here's a little holiday cheer, courtesy of the gang over at Slidemeister!
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Dec 17, 2013
6:55 PM
Nice. I can't wait for the "Making of" vid.
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Dec 18, 2013
5:26 AM
Thanks Gary, Like it a lot.
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Dec 19, 2013
7:21 AM
And here, from the archives (summer 20110, is a solo version of Sleighride, using three diatonics, tuned to my adaptation of Richter, which I describe at the two minute mark--it's circular on the bottom, and just like normal tuning on top (minus the note you usually find on hole 10--holes 4-9 appear on holes 5-10).
Ho Ho Ho!

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