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Blues Talk 4:
blues expressiveness and the blues ethos

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Books, links, and other useful resources (listed roughly in the order they're mentioned in the video):


Salaam, Kalamu ya.  “The Blues Aesthetic.”  In What is Life?  Reclaiming the Black Blues Self.  Third World Press, 1994.

12-bar, AAB blues chart  [from Tradebit]

Teaching the Blues:  a few useful concepts [handout; a free download from Tradebit]

Calt, Stephen.  I’d Rather Be the Devil:  Skip James and the Blues.  Chicago Review Press, 1998.

Kubik, Gerhard.  Africa and the Blues.  UP of Mississippi, 2008.

Davis, Angela Y.  Blues Legacies and Black Feminism:  Gertrude “Ma Rainey,” Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday.  Pantheon, 1998.

Patterson, Orlando.  Slavery and Social Death:  A Comparative Study.  Harvard UP, 1985.

Devi [formerly DeSalvo], Deborah.  The Language of the Blues:  From Alcorub to Zuzu.  Billboard Books, 2006

Flowers, Arthur.  Mojo Rising:  Confessions of a 21st Century Conjureman.  Wanganegresse Press, 2001.

Flowers, Arthur.  Another Good Loving Blues.  Ballantine Books, 1994.

Pearson, Barry Lee.  Jook Right On:  Blues Stories and Storytellers.  U of Tennessee Press, 2005.

Ferris, William.  Blues From the Delta.  1978.  Rev. ed.  Da Capo, 1988.