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23 posts
Sep 20, 2011
1:48 PM
Born in a smsll ex mining town called Newarthill on the outskirts of Glasgow.
Moved to Livingston, 10 mls from Edinburgh about 30 yrs ago.....been here ever since.
Learning To Reed
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Sep 27, 2011
2:54 AM
From MS originally, but have lived several places in the USA due to my line of work. Love to travel, which my job also allows me to do quite often.
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Sep 29, 2011
3:07 PM

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2 posts
Oct 22, 2011
9:28 AM
I'm from Gloucestershire in the United Kingdom.
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Oct 23, 2011
9:14 AM
lived in 23 different places mostly in the ne now in old orchard beach maine on the ocean.
Adam Hamil
2 posts
Oct 24, 2011
9:35 AM
I live in the West End of Richmond VA. I work in Glen Allen Va.
C. Adam Hamil
Free Reed Instrument Technician
2 posts
Oct 24, 2011
9:43 AM
Born and raised in Memphis, TN.

Lived 10 plus years in Colorado Springs, CO.
Now Living in Denver, CO.
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Oct 24, 2011
11:02 AM
Welcome aboard everyone.

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32 posts
Nov 09, 2011
5:54 PM
Hello all, it might be time for a little introduction from my part. I posted on this forum a while back with the username Carl_Comfort, I changed my email, so changed my username. That username was a little too ironic anyway.

Now it’s Karl Hungus..named after the big Lebowski actor Uli Kunkul from that beaver flick ‘Logjammin’. Anyway, my real name is Karel, I’m form Holland. I live in Amsterdam now.

I started playing somewhere in 2007. I bought a hohnher bluesharp as a little gimmick besides the singing I did in a band. I thought maybe there is some tutorial to find on YT. I stumbled upon Adam’s videos, and was hooked to the show immediately. I had a break for a year though, let’s call it a motivation dip. If you play harp please send me a friend request on youtube, that would be great. My page is http://www.youtube.com/user/neuropatico

Pleased to meet you all!
1 post
Nov 12, 2011
2:54 AM
originally from the west coast. Played in the 70s with Roy Rogers, Amos Garrett, Jerry Garcia, Harry Chapin, Norton Buffalo, Bonnie Raitt, Currently alive and well (despite rumors) in Charlotte NC...
Keep Harpin'
David Burgin
4 posts
Nov 12, 2011
5:40 AM
Born in Buckinghamshire England small town called Bletchley. Now live in a small village close by to the old coach town of Stony stratford famous for the saying "cock & bull story" relating to the exaggerated story telling between the Cock hotel and the Bull inn
1 post
Dec 26, 2011
3:40 PM
72 posts
Dec 26, 2011
7:35 PM
I haven't noticed this thread before now, and it's been a while since I walked into the room, but in the interest of manners:

I'm in Michigan's "little finger", but raised in the western U.S. Mostly California, but also Colorado & Hawaii.
145 posts
Dec 26, 2011
7:58 PM
I've been at the party for a while now 'bout time i introduced myself.
Born in the UK (Plymouth) raised in NewZealand.Have lived in the UK as an adult for the odd year or two and Australia as well.
Have a dream to do at least one SPAH.Next west coast one?
1 post
Jan 08, 2012
8:54 PM
Born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Lived in Freemont California until I was 6, then moved back here to OKC.
2 posts
Jan 08, 2012
11:11 PM
Born : Fresno CA
Home : Arcata CA
Currently Residing : Medford OR
3 posts
Jan 09, 2012
9:12 PM
Mike B., living on the north coast of NSW, Australia.
Didn't pick up a harp till I was 40 years old. Played in a number of bands now plus doing duo work.
Stumbled on this site just a few months ago and was inspired to learn 1st position. Long way to go on that one, but I'll get there.
15 posts
Jan 25, 2012
2:38 AM
lars Ringgaard
copenhagen, Denmark
And just drop bye for a cop og coffe,-see you
3 posts
Jan 25, 2012
7:03 AM
Born in Birmingham, Alabama.

Grew up in a suburb of the Big Salty 'Ham (about 20 miles outside the city toward Jasper) and have lived there, for the most part, ever since; with brief stints in Tuscaloosa and Hoover.

Have been playing harp since 1996.
Keith R
10 posts
Feb 02, 2012
6:37 AM
I'm originally from a village called Walsall Wood, which is on the outer reaches of The Black Country, in Great Britain - the name originates from the Industrial Revolution and refers to the dirt and grime of the place. Robert Plant was born in this area and Steve Winwood was born close by in the suburbs of Birmingham.

These days I live on the Isle of Man, a small island between Britain and Ireland. I would respectfully call the music/blues scene here 'fragmented'. Why? Because it seems that the people who attend the excellent, successful annual Blues Festival do not attend other gigs, not even the monthly Blues Club (which has existed for over forty years); the people who go to the Blues Club do not, in the main, go to either the Festival or the other gigs...

It is, to say the least, frustrating.

I don't know if I'll stay here for the rest of my life but right now my family likes it here and there's not much going on in England musically, because of the economic climate of course. I have a band here and it's starting to sound good, as we play as a team, an ensemble, which is of course utterly essential.

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2 posts
Feb 07, 2012
9:22 PM
I currently live in Waxhaw, NC. I spent 17 years in the NY/NJ area, but grew up in New England area, but went on the road with bands right after college.
77 posts
Feb 08, 2012
5:41 PM
I was born in Fullerton Ca. I spent a few years I can barely remember in Decatur Il before moving to Ventura Ca where I lived until I went away to college in San Diego. I am still in the San Diego Area.
1 post
Feb 09, 2012
1:43 PM
Currently in Yuma Arizona. Been all over the place the past year and living in an RV. Adjusting to life being free.
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Feb 13, 2012
11:26 AM
Welcome aboard everyone! :)

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1 post
Feb 14, 2012
6:57 AM
I live in Hickory, nc. I have been playing harp for a very long time.A good forum.
1 post
Feb 19, 2012
2:38 PM
Well, I was born and I live in Brussels, Belgium.
Harmonica is a long story, I began with it after listening to..."Smokestack Lightnin'" (Live from The Yardbirds)that means about 1970.
I learnt by myself (on that time there was indeed no internet) but the progresses were not terrific, even if by chance I found the bending technique.
I can say that I discovered the actual potential of the instrument mid 2009, after 20 hibernation years.
Now I think I play rather well Whammer Jammer.
I'll have to talk about a blues I heard mid 70ies played by a certain "Sonny", but I can't find the title of it; I however remember the melody and just made a mp3 to make you hear that little part I remember: you know, it's my old dream (obsession?) to be able to play it.
I'm glad to be here with you, that was a tiny click for the laptop, but a giant leap for me.
Read you soon.

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1 post
Feb 23, 2012
2:59 AM

Born, raised and living in the Netherlands. Have been playing harmonica ever since I got a cassette with Muddy Waters' music on it when I was 16.

Favorite musicians: Little Walter (of course), Blind Willie Johnson, Tom Waits, Duke Ellington, Hendrix, White Stripes, Black Keys, Art Blakey/Lee Morgan....The list goes on and on and on and on...
1 post
Feb 26, 2012
2:49 AM
Hi, I'm from Portsmouth, UK. Looking forward to the gig in London this week.
4 posts
Feb 26, 2012
3:03 AM
West Texas Born but somehow ended up in Richmond Virginia. Been Playing music most of my life but only started harp a couple years ago.
38 posts
Feb 26, 2012
9:33 AM
I'm from Southern California, now I'm in Los Angeles, just started playing harp this year, Jan 2nd actually. I've been a musician for 13 years now. Piano (13), Euphonium (7), Oboe (5 not anymore), tuba (4). + a few others.

little onion
3 posts
Mar 07, 2012
9:35 PM
dudes- i bow deeply to all of you! grew up on the north coast of maine.
father and grandfather played harp. stephen foster and swing standards and some classical stuff. i stole one of my dad's harps when i was four and started playing then (i stole it because he said i was too young to start playing harmonica, which i though was just silly... so i guess i had to show him.) when he came ot see my band play when i was in college i confessed... and he said he knew... but he lept quiet all these years cause he knew he was wrong about it! i live in brooklyn where i play in a funk band and teach traditional harmonica/fiddle and pipe tunes at maine fiddle camp in the summers an have a few private students scattered around. happy to have found you all!
blessings to you all.
oh and when i started playing was 55 years ago.
5350 posts
Mar 07, 2012
10:08 PM
Welcome aboard everyone!

Little Onion- I lived in Maine a for a about a year when I was real little, right across the river from Canada. One of my first memories is of getting yelled at for breaking the picture window in our living room by throwing a stick. My intentions were good; I was trying to kill a black fly that had gotten in. In practice though, I just let all his buddies storm the place. I'm not sure if my parents were more angry with me because of the cost of the picture window or because of the swarm I'd let in.

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little onion
4 posts
Mar 07, 2012
10:19 PM
across the river from new brunswick like near calais, maine? jeez. black flies. what a funny image your trying to kill a blackfly throwing a stick at it!
little onion
5 posts
Mar 07, 2012
10:20 PM
across the river from new brunswick like near calais, maine? jeez. black flies. what a funny image your trying to kill a blackfly throwing a stick at it!
5351 posts
Mar 07, 2012
11:57 PM
Yep, Calais. If you walked across the street there was a staircase that went down to the river band. To be fair, it was a pretty heavy stick. Not too long and pretty good heft (it did break the window after all.) Kind of billy-club like. If I'd hit him against a flat surface I'm pretty sure he would have been a goner. I was only about three at the time. We moved from Florida to Maine, and back to Florida all in less than a year. I didn't have much better luck with bugs in Florida. My mom was trying to teach me how to be observant, so when I told her there was a bug in the kitchen she asked me to describe it. She sent me back a couple times for more details. Finally she got worried and followed me out to find me kneeling over a scorpion to see what color eyes it had.

The worst bugs I have to worry about now is earwigs. Upstate New York may be boring at times, but it's pretty safe on the wildlife frontier (although small pets have to watch out for coyotes now).
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1 post
Mar 08, 2012
8:09 AM
New to the board. Hello to everyone.

Rochester, NY
1 post
Mar 08, 2012
8:33 AM
I'm from Minneapolis, MN. I started playing harmonica a little less than a year ago. Found an old harp at my buddies house. It was his grampa's. We played some regea squeeks to a beat and I wanted know what the note on it were. Then I found Gussow on the internet. I've always liked the blues, but I learned so much from Gussow I found out I didn't "know" the blues. Started on guitar and now play trumpet and harp.

No way I would be as good as I am with out Gussow!!


Can't wait to see Adam play at the Deep Blues Fest in MN in August!!

God Bless the U.S.

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1 post
Mar 10, 2012
5:21 AM
Hi, I'm from Belgrade Serbia. I started playing harmonica oct.15.2010 cheers.
41 posts
Mar 10, 2012
6:13 AM
Born and raised up on the mean streets of queens, searchin the streets and thrift shops for ancient blues. Been playin since im a baby chile.
playin on the NY/LI music scene, on to houston/austin (pardon my language ive been to the hut). Now livin on the mounaintop in the Catskills. Whoopin and a hollerin
the blues.
shake one time for me

Mike B
3 posts
Mar 10, 2012
6:39 AM
New Orleans area. Picked up Gindick's "Musically Hopeless" set as a kid and bumped into cleaning out a closet. It's been a couple years now, wasted lots of time on the internet around this topic, went to HCH twice, met up with the New Orleans Harmonica club folks at various venues as a spectator, but showing little progress as a player. I don't get a lot of time alone to woodshed except the car. Hopefully it becomes compulsive behavior soon, seizing a couple minutes here and there.


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1 post
Mar 10, 2012
1:19 PM
Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada, spent most of my adult life in Newfoundland and now retired on Prince Edward Island. Absolute beginner . . . once again . . . but now that I have some time I'm looking forward to the neighborhood of this forum and Adam's lessons.
22 posts
Mar 10, 2012
4:53 PM
Born in Boston...had a band in Boston in the 60's called The Hallucinations which had two future members of the Jay Geils Band as members, Peter Wolf and Stephen Jo Bladd.I now live in Santa Fe New Mexico for the last 30 years.
5 posts
Mar 10, 2012
5:45 PM
I'm from Dixon, IL...hometown of Ronald Reagan. Its a small town that is 100 miles west of Chicago.
1 post
Mar 14, 2012
3:32 PM
Grew up and went to college in Fayetteville, AR (Go Hogs!), spent 10 years in Chicago and now call Springfield, IL home.
16 posts
Mar 15, 2012
4:01 AM
Born in the City of Swansea, South Wales UK, birthplace of the poet Dylan Thomas, who Bob Dylan apparently named himself after, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and not much else. Lived in Middlesbrough, (NE England) 3 years, and London 16 years. Now living in Oxfordshire, England for the last 7.
19 posts
Mar 16, 2012
6:40 PM
Born, bred and buttered in Chicago and environs. Currently reside in Glencoe, IL - five suburbs north of Chicago along Lake Michigan. Having offered that stuff, I've been on the road in comedy (and music) most of my 40 year career. I've been to 48 of the 50 US states along with extended stays in Canada, Ireland, and jaunts to England and elsewhere.
1 post
Mar 17, 2012
11:03 AM
Hi y'all. New here, re-born player after 10+ year hiatus. Born and raised between Levittown, Pa and Surf City, NJ. Great site Adam, it has the juices flowing again. Our paths crossed back in the early 90's when they used to have the Benson and Hedges Blues festival at Penns Landing. You signed a MB for me and we chatted. Glad to see your still the same guy.
Sea Ya~~~
2 posts
Mar 18, 2012
11:35 PM
Born in Lawton Oklahoma. Learned to play the blues in Chicago. Biker Bars in Colorado. Engineering / Audio Production /various Recording Studios in Oakland, San Francisco, Northern California. Now in Bay Area, CA.
2 posts
Mar 19, 2012
7:54 AM
I'm from a Lil place called Walpole Island. It's in SW Ontario canada. Haven't posted much but really enjoy the sharing of info. Great forum and community. Been playing for about 30 yrs. I do okay and really love the harmonica. It's been good to me.

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Distilled Records
1 post
Mar 19, 2012
8:08 AM
Born: Stockport (near Manchester) in the UK now live in Scotland UK

hello everyone....

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