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Well I guess you are looking for something here so,

I was introduced to the harmonica when I was maybe 7 or 8 years old by "Brother Benson" at our Nazarene Church. He was a classic thin old guy that just flat played anything. I got a harmonica somehow and started playing with him "Stick with it Davy... you'll get the hang of it... just listen and play, play and listen, find the sounds..." He'd play something and I'd try to repeat it...

I played harmonica for a short time but there was no place for harmonica in 4th grade band class, so I started playing trumpet. A year later we moved away. I continued playing horn with jazz band, marching band... all through school, and years beyond. I have one good old trumpet and one of the newer "pocket" size horns.

Now that I'm retired I decided it's about time I got around to the harmonica again.

I decided not to use notation, tab... and try my best to forget about notes and all that... and just strive to play Brother Benson's style. It seems to be working for me.

Latest update 2016:

I'm having great times with my harp playing. I rarely miss a day and I pack harps with me everywhere.

Although I occasionally read music for horn and keyboard... when it comes to harmonica I'm am strictly an ear-est.

I now play Richter (blues), Semi-circular (Folk/blues), and Circular (pop/ballads/jazz/classical). I also play a little solo and circular tuned chromatic. I've tried other tunings but they didn't stick.

I have a mix of quality harps. I thought I'd find a favorite but I honestly like them all for different reasons. Different personalities for different music and keys.

I'm building a full set of custom 7 hole harps made from salvaged Marine Bands. I've made a few for friends.

I'm pretty serious about my playing but I'm not a public performer.

contact me: dchurch*