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Hi, I live in the UK. I started playing this wonderful little instrument 53 years ago at the age of 15. I heard this 14 year old lad at school playing some blues bends on a harp and thought, 'I've just got to learn how to do that!' So I bought myself a shiny new Hohner Echo Super Vamper and was hooked and my harp journey started. Alas no Internet/Youtube in those days, so just self taught really, trying to copy riffs from records. As years went by I just picked up my harmonica less and less and tooted away. Then BANG!!!! I discovered Youtube in 2009 and found so much good stuff out there from modern players that I became hooked on playing the harp again. Below is a selection of some of the vids I have uploaded on Youtube, Blues at the start and a few Rock/Pop.

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Grey Owl Abstract Photos Website


'Help Me' Style Solo

Marine Band Blues


Stainless Steel Blues

Bye Bye Bird – Nose Harp

Blue Moon Blues

Le Wolf

The Death of JB Lenoir - Guitar and Harmonica Blues

King of Pain – The Police on harp

Beat it – on Harp

Feelin’ Good – on Harp

California Dreamin’

Breizh Ile

Moon River

Riders on the Storm – Harp + Vocals