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Contact me for Refurbished and Optimized Marine Band’s as well as new Optimized Special 20’s, Marine Bands, and Golden Melodies. I tend to keep a stock of new harps in the popular keys and I have too many old Marine Bands to count. The refurbished Marine Bands will have sanded and sealed combs, sanded draw plates, opened covers, screws for the reed plates and covers. The harps will be set up for overall playability. This means all the normal bends will be easily available on the upper and lower portions of the harp and the overblows and draws will be available but, will not be as seamless as a harp set up specifically for the overblows. My website should be up shortly showing pricing and availability for my optimized harps. Repairs are $15 for one reed replacement and $5 for each additional reed. Repairs also include basic tuning and gapping. Reeds may be new or replants from other harps. Return shipping in the US will be $5. Contact me at for details.