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instrumental music on harmonica
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Jan 28, 2019
2:17 PM
Some songs from the last gig of my quartet.
"Trickster" by Steve West Weston
"Hot Rod" by Lee Allen
"Put It Where You Want It" by Crusaders
"Minor Differences" my own song
Hope you like it!

Konstantin Kolesnichenko(Ukraine)
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Jan 28, 2019
5:41 PM

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Jan 30, 2019
5:16 AM
Cool, Kostya.
In spite of the fact I'm not fond of this particular sound, played very in style. Also great finally to hear keyboard.

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Jan 30, 2019
12:14 PM
nacoran, thank you!
Dima, thank you so much! Keyboard is probably the most important instrument in my band :)
Konstantin Kolesnichenko(Ukraine)
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Feb 02, 2019
4:41 PM
Swingin'! You definitely have your own signature style. I like how the band fits together so nicely and he spotlight shifts around.
BronzeWailer's YouTube
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Feb 03, 2019
7:04 AM
Very cool . . . I enjoyed this
The Blind Doughboy Music Factory

Backwoods luthier specializing in resonator guitars
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Feb 04, 2019
1:01 PM
BronzeWailer, thank you soo much for kind words. I always appreciate that you took your time to write it. You are cool harmonica player also!

Rontana, thank you so much!
Konstantin Kolesnichenko(Ukraine)
5808 posts
Feb 05, 2019
4:52 AM
Always enjoy your work, Wheel. Great sound on the opening number, I liked the Lee Allen too.
I thought the 3rd number probably sounded great in the room but the mix on my little phone speaker didn’t do it justice...I mean that sincerely, when I could hear ‘through’ the mix it was really very groovy. And I love to see a band which can pull off a drum solo.
Good darts!
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Feb 05, 2019
1:19 PM
SuperBee, thank you so much for kind words! YOu are always very kind.
The main melody of the first song was supposed to be played in unison with guitar, so probably that's the reason.
Konstantin Kolesnichenko(Ukraine)

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