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Introducing myself
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Chester Draw
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Jan 30, 2018
11:56 AM
Hi all,even though I'm 56 and have mucked about on the harmonica for nearly 40 years i am a beginner! ,all I've done is taught my self to make bluesy noises without ever bothering to learn about how 12 bar blues works.For some reason I've decided after all this time to learn it properly and do the basics ,I've realised I can do a lot of advanced stuff without a clue what I'm doing or even the terminology used to describe it and at the same time I've found out I need to go back to square one to get the basics taped,
Now here's the revelation,I have also found out from lurking on sights like this that I am a U blocker!,although I never curl my tongue into a U I just move it below the hole and underside of the harp,it's fast and I can bend easily so I'm going to stick with it whilst trying to introduce some tongue blocking....anyway hello and thanks for having me.
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Jan 30, 2018
1:07 PM
Nice to meet ya. So you get all the notes on the 3 hole by "U blocking"? I have never heard of that. My tongue is away from the harp when I get those notes. Interesting. By the way when I saw your name, it made me think of a cowboy gunslinger :)

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Chester Draw
2 posts
Jan 30, 2018
1:30 PM
Thanks and yes,since starting to do you tube exercises I've found I can do all the bends on the three draw.I just used to bend without worrying about increments on each draw hole but now I'm thinking about what I'm doing.Haken Ehns' boogie progression with with double blow or draw on each note really helped with controlling my 3 draw bends and understanding a tad more about them.I feel u blocking should really be called something tongue channel!?..I'm not sure people really understand it and what it can do from my initial dip of the toe into the harmonica world.

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