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Got a harp last Christmas
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outdoor joe
50 posts
Jan 01, 2018
4:45 PM
My wife got me a harp last xmas and I played/learned for about 2.5 months and stopped. I could mimic a few of my fav Neil and Tom songs but I think I stopped because...I dont know how they came up with the chords? Why do the notes work so beautifully? How do I read music or think of these songs? Im drunk and rambling but am trying to ask...

Anyone know of a Harp for Dummies book? Its been almost a year of no harp playing and I really miss it but I need a teacher or something to halp.

5162 posts
Jan 01, 2018
6:11 PM
There are 2 ‘dummies’ books; harmonica for dummies, and blues harmonica for dummies. Both written by Winslow Yerxa (an active member of this forum).
There is also a ‘complete idiots’ guide.
And numerous others beginning Harmonica books, by authors such as Jon Gindick and Dan Gage.
If it’s specifically blues harmonica you like, that’s kind of a special subject and a number of decent books on that, and websites.
And Adam Gussow and numerous others have a bunch of YouTube video lessons.
outdoor joe
51 posts
Jan 01, 2018
6:23 PM
Thanks Bee. I really love music...more than anything honestly. I really hope I can get back into the swing of things. Happy NY

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