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Death of a swan
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Nov 21, 2017
5:57 AM
Much to my great annoyance the six blow reed on my swan chromatic has cracked. It stopped working last night, so I took it apart this morning but could find nothing wrong it. The reed appeared to be free but no sound came out of it. After a bit of manipulation it cracked.
When I took the slider off I noticed a lot of black stuff on the edge of the holes in the slider, this looks like the slider was scraping bits of plastic off the comb.
I'm really annoyed about this as I was planning on saving up and buying a decent chromatic if I got on with the swan.
Time for a rethink, I know it's only £23 but it's annoying me.
I've had the harp three months so was it worth buying?. With hindsight if I had taken it apart earlier and sanded the slider down so it was smooth I might still be using it, but it's the edges of the holes that are sharp so maybe not so easy to cure as it may mean filing them slightly to take the edge off.
It has though raised my interest in chromatics a lot. I was just starting to get the hang of it as I found the mouthpiece difficult to get used to at first.
So I think I shall get another off Amazon as I have asked for vouchers for Xmas, my way of saving up. Which one to get though, there is a thread about them on the main forum and if Winslow is right maybe a 12 hole Hohner, we'll see.

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Nov 23, 2017
4:15 AM
I think bill galison said a few day s ago he had a good Suzuki scx48 for sale at a decent price
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Nov 23, 2017
4:21 AM
I’m sorry it was actually a 14 hole Sirius
“I have a Suzuki Sirius 14 hole Straight tuned for sale, with brand new unused reed plates. Hardly used, clean and improved (more air tight) by me. $250.”
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Nov 23, 2017
4:22 AM
Oh, and double sorry. It sold very quickly
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Nov 23, 2017
7:10 AM
Don't feel to bad about the swan, I just got a new Hohner 270 in Bb, it leaked air like crazy on the low end,had a gap between the comb and slide which I had to flat sand, then i still needed to gap several reeds just so it would play ok, still have a bit of work.
But that was only $200 plus, my advice, buy a nice Suzuki SCX 48, least expensive of the SCX line, or you could try an EastTop, don't have myself but hear they are really good for the money. Good luck.
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Nov 23, 2017
9:07 AM
Thanks Super Bee, nice try.
Flbl Sorry to hear about the 270 and here was I thinking that the chromatics would come ready to play, for the price they ought to.
Hadn't even considered Easttops, just had a quick look at them and didn't realise that Brendan Powers were Easttop which puts them up in my estimation.
Thanks again both of you

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