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Tongue blocking
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Oct 18, 2017
2:39 AM
Hi Guys
I started 3 years ago as a lip purser but always tongue blocked octaves from the start.
I’m now working heavily on tongue blocking techniques, but I’m having an issue.
Problem is, now that I’m tongue blocking, playing through my right side, I seem to find it a little difficult to hit the octave splits evenly now.
Is this a normal transition problem from lip pursing to tongue blocking?
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Oct 18, 2017
5:10 AM
it sounds like it would be. i dont know becaus emy trip was different; i never really played splits until i was already tb single notes and slaps etc, so splits were awkward for me until they werent. i mean they are still something i'm working on but im cool with 4 hole splits, where the 2 inner holes are blocked, and im getting ok with moving between 4 and 5 hole splits.

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