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Howard Levy 'New Directions For Harmonica' DVD
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Oct 03, 2017
9:04 AM
Have any of you guys got this DVD and is it worth buying? I've been looking at it or signing up for his online course. It's an arm and a leg for the online course so i was thinking of this for some extra knowledge.
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Oct 05, 2017
4:43 AM
I can't comment about his online course, but I just got a coupon for a month free in case you're interested: FOUR4THREE
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Oct 05, 2017
8:12 AM
I bought it as a digital download. Pretty expensive for a digital product taking into account no discs are needed no DVD box or cover etc are needed. Let's face it we know we're getting shafted there right? Anyway on to the video it's good but i knew most of what was on there already. Few nice bits here and there though that made it worth buying. It was not for beginners they say but then Howard starts by telling you what the notes are on a C harp. That wasted a lot of time and to me is beginners stuff and shouldn't have been included. Instead he could have put in some more advanced content bearing in mind the title of the DVD.

So would i recommend it? I think the short answer is no. Simply because the price is to high, for what you get in return, in my opinion. But there are some cool bits in there.

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