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Ear Training
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johan d
55 posts
Mar 03, 2017
4:27 AM
As I sometimes read about ear training on this forum, may I suggest an app were you can train your relative pitch. It lets you hear a 145 (or some others if prefered) progressions and after that a tone. You have to listen if it's a 2nd, 5th5 b7th, etc...
Very addictive and fun too. (also available for iPhone)

Functional Ear Trainer (Adroid)

It's free! Also available, a payed version which adds differenent instruments (default is Grand piano) and melodic dictations. But the free one will do fine.

About the author and some articles

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2252 posts
Mar 03, 2017
5:30 AM
Sounds very cool. I will give it a try. Thanks.

One thing I definitely don't do enough is comparing my intonation against a time generator or keyboard. I really should do it more often.
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Mar 04, 2017
6:43 PM
Awesome and addictive!
If you don't cut it while it's hot......
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Mar 05, 2017
7:24 AM
That really is good, thank you!
johan d
56 posts
Mar 06, 2017
1:55 AM
Don't go over it too quickly... It can take a few years to get it down! :-)
Major and Minor, with all chromatics, 10-15 minutes/day.

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Oct 18, 2017
5:44 PM
As a professional musician, the best advice I can ever give to anyone is to write out a list of songs that you'll never forget, a list of songs that start with all the intervals of a Major scale. For example, Amazing Grace starts with a perfect 4th in the melody, the old Elvis son "I can't help falling in love with you" starts with a perfect 5th. It's a "tool" that I've both used and taught for decades, and it works really well.
5041 posts
Oct 18, 2017
7:22 PM
Thanks Tank. I’m trying to be sure I understand what you’re saying here

Are you saying the interval between the 1st and 2nd note of amazing grace is a perfect 4th?

I’m looking it up and I see some script in F# shows the first note is C#, below the second note F#

In F# the interval from F# to C# is a 5th, but rising from C# to F# is a 4th, yes?

I see Can’t help falling in love in D (2 sharps) begins on D and 2nd note is A, and this is an interval of a 5th

Am I correct here or barking up the wrong tree?

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