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Phone app to jam?
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Nov 17, 2016
7:45 AM
From the metronome thread. Some mention was made of apps that have drums and other things to add in. I have no actual musical resources to tap and can't find a harp instructor locally. Is any one acquainted with a app out there for jamming?
If you don't cut it while it's hot......
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Nov 17, 2016
7:58 AM
What do you mean by "An app for jamming? "

Like music to play to? Backing Tracks?
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Nov 17, 2016
9:27 AM
With Amazing Slow Downer and a bunch of jam tracks in different keys, you'd be all set.
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Nov 17, 2016
11:10 AM
Killa- Yes and no. I guess it would be a very dumbed down backing track. Very simple beat with variable instruments that could be manipulated to suite different skill levels of jamming.

LSB- excellent, this may be my solution!
If you don't cut it while it's hot......
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Nov 17, 2016
1:03 PM
Havoc, if you decide to go the way of slowdown/transpose software and jamtrax, here are some additional thoughts:

1. There are other apps/programs besides Amazing Slow Downer that do more or less the same thing. I'm not familiar with most of them, although I did try Transcribe at one point, which wasn't as intuitive for me and didnt run so well on my systems, but that was a long time ago. Point being, ASD isn't the only option out there, but it is proven and reliable.

2. If ASD has a significant drawback, it's that you have to buy different versions for iPhone, iPad, and Mac or PC, at least this was the case when I purchased. So, I had to pay for the app every time I put it on a different platform. Gets pricey if you want need it on multiple platforms. If this is your situation, another company's product might be better for you.

3. If you don't already have a bunch of jamtrax to use with this sort of app, let me make a suggestion: Join for at least a month. You can download probably 8-12 jamtrax there, at least. You'll need to go to each lesson page, they aren't in a separate section, but it's worth the trouble. There are also lessons on the site showing how to use Amazing Slow Downer.

Besides all of that, it's the best blues harmonica instruction website on the planet. You'll definitely get your money's worth, even if you only remain a member for a month. If you recently bought a hohner harmonica you should already have a coupon code for a free month, if you still have the booklet that came in the box. Can't beat that.

There are plenty of places to get additional jamtrax, just do a search if you need more.
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Nov 17, 2016
10:48 PM
thats true about ASD and various platforms. i put it on my mac but then came by a PC laptop which i found myself using more often. i decided i needed ASD on the laptop, and was annoyed i had to buy it again.

i wrote to Roni (sorry can't remember the full contact but its easy to find)explaining what i wanted to do and they did give me a discount on the purchase. that wasn't quite what i wanted but it was better than paying full price.

i had another programme called 'capo' which was cool at first but then became buggy and eventually stopped working and apparently no support. perhaps asd will go that way eventually but so far it seems to be quite stable and has been for a long time now.
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Nov 18, 2016
5:07 AM
Honestly, I know it may not be what your looking for, But Adams Tradebit video with backing tracks is great.

It comes with list of great backing tracks and also a video with Adam showing you what you could play to them. Basically teaching you how to approach Jaming.
It's a very good set.

I dont understand what the complexity of a track has to do with your skill level. You can play anything you want over them. You can play them and simply use them to keep time if you want. You dont have to be a pro.

I also posted some free backing tracks a while back. They are "OK", but there free.

I also recommend the backing tracks Ronnie Shellist sells on

If you want a super simple track, perhaps you could download one of those beat maker apps. Add a Drum beat, add a stock guitar sample, that could work.

I've never used the slow downer. My Cars Rewind button Hates me for it. I wish they made an app for your phone so you could slow down your MP3s
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Nov 18, 2016
11:41 AM
They do, but only if you got iPhone. $23 here

And it won't play stuff you downloaded from iTunes

Last Edited by SuperBee on Nov 18, 2016 11:42 AM
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Nov 18, 2016
11:49 AM
They do make a phone app. You can get the iphone app at apple's App Store and android version at google play store.
iPhone app won't work with iTunes Store downloads I think. I've had that problem in the past anyway but I think you can make a version of the file in another format and then it's good. I haven't done that for a while so not sure it's still viable
johan d
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Nov 19, 2016
11:16 AM
Try Ireal Pro

iReal Pro offers an easy-to-use tool to help musicians of all levels master their art. Our app simulates a real-sounding band that can accompany you as you practice, and also lets you collect chord charts from your favorite songs for reference.

Last Edited by johan d on Nov 20, 2016 11:12 AM
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Nov 19, 2016
12:56 PM
Regarding amazing slow downer:

I just tried importing several songs from various albums I purchased on iTunes in the last year - all imported directly from iTunes on my phone to ASD using the iPhone app with no problems. The songs all played fine in the ASD app and could be manipulated for speed and key the usual way.

According to the ASD AppStore page, "cannot play DRM protected files from the iTunes Store (m4p and audio book files)"

There was a time in the past when music files on the iTunes Store were all DRM protected, but I think that has changed.

That said, I am NOT using a 10 + version of iOS, I am using the last version of iOS 9, so I can't say for certain if ASD will sill still import iTunes purchased music now or not. One could always write to ASD support for clarification, but it is working with my set-up.
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Nov 20, 2016
10:34 PM
Lots of backing tracks and even some feedback here.

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