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Sonny Jr Avenger.  Immaculate!!
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Jan 21, 2019
5:19 PM
No need to explain. You know what it is. The hype ain't hype if it's true. If anything, one could say much more after actually living with an Avenger as opposed to just a couple of hours testing for a review or 3 songs at a jam. It is the best harmonica amp in the world and I'll stand on your coffee table and say so.

Great condition, though gigged extensively so the speakers and cab have loosened up tonally. No pitting. Not stains. No tears. No issues.

$2250 or very near offer. $100 shipping (professionally packed and insured).

BREAKING NEWS!! Gary Onofrio aka Sonny Jr has offered to provide LIFETIME customer service on this amp. Gary does not normally offer customer service to anyone other than original owners. I have developed a close relationship with Gary over the years and this is an exclusive offer as a personal favor to me. Anytime you have a question regarding settings, tubes, speakers, etc., you will be able to contact Gary and get a detailed answer. It's like being able to talk to Enzo Ferrari about suspension r tuning settings on your 365GTB.

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