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Feb 25, 2016
2:40 AM
So I'll be in Copenhagen for work next week, and might have a chance to drop into the blues jam on Thursday night.

Has anyone been there and can share any views - harp friendly? Standard? Crowded?

I'm at a reasonable weekend warrior level for vocals and harp so should be ok unless it's serious pro standard. I won't have an amp so would be good to know if there might be a spare one to plug in to.

Thanks in advance
599 posts
Mar 08, 2016
2:28 AM
Well I can now answer my own question as to harp-friendliness, which is "not especially"

There was a bullet plugged into the p.a., but difficult to get a decent sound even with mids maxed. No monitors either. Perhaps could have been better if I'd swapped with my GB. Was difficult to play as I'm not a disciplined enough player to nail my phrasing and intonation when I can't hear myself properly.

On the night the standard was good, very guitar-orientated, and a bit rock star at times, with plenty of Jimi Hendrix style playing and covers. Especially impressed with the standard of singing - feel and nuance in a 2nd language - which was overall much higher than the local UK scene I'm used to.

Less impressed was the attitude towards harp players from some guitarists and band leaders. I was asked to join the last song of a set (I think as I was being continually bumped down the list by the jam-meister's friends) who then played a song without offering even one solo to me... while giving himself two. I've never come across that behaviour in 20 years of blues jams. Speaking with a couple of harp players there this was standard at this jam.

Still, I enjoyed the overall musicianship, my set, and it's a good bar with a large crowd. Worth checking out if you're in downtown Copenhagen on a Thursday night.

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Apr 17, 2016
6:14 PM
Let me know if you come back - my band jams in the studio on thursdays :)

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