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Harmonica Players of Cape Town, South Africa
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Aug 05, 2010
1:43 AM
Howzit guys,
Inspired by the great harp communities i've experienced in London and Brighton in the last year, I've started a Facebook page for harp players in Cape Town (or the rest of South Africa). Of course, there are only two Cape Town harp players on this forum, and one of them is me, but if anyone in the MBH community finds themselves on holiday in this strange land, now they know where to find us.

Harmonica Players of Cape Town, UNITE.
I only started it last night and this morning we had five members. Two of them were guys I'd never heard of before.

Also, I hoped some of you might get a kick out of our signature image:

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Aug 05, 2010
2:20 AM
I digg the image!

It's likely that there are lurkers who just come here to read, so if you're a lurker based in Cape Town, click the link! It would be awesome to get a local community going.

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