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All About Harp mics - and then some
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Greg Heumann
566 posts
Jun 20, 2010
1:17 PM
Hi, Folks -

I have completed a primer about harmonica mics and things related - how to choose one, how to get good tone, how to deal with feedback, etc. Adam was actually going to make it available at HCH but printing costs were prohibitive - so I have posted the PDF at my web site.

I hope this document will help you understand some of the stuff nobody teaches you - and allow you to make better decisions when you decide to go amplified.

Here's the link: All About Harmonica Microphones - And Then Some (pdf)

It's 18 pages or so so you may want to download it and print it out.

I hope to keep this document updated, so if you have a question on the topic that it does NOT answer - please let me know!



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179 posts
Jun 20, 2010
1:24 PM
This is what the forum should be all about. Thank you Mr. Heumann.
322 posts
Jun 20, 2010
1:24 PM
Greg...thank you for posting this...and sharing your knowledge......still got to get that pe66l to you !!

and..that is an sm58 in the pic !!

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180 posts
Jun 20, 2010
1:29 PM
Thanks Greg!

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Rob's Tube
1277 posts
Jun 20, 2010
1:34 PM
Fantastic job as always Greg!

Thank you.

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Greg Heumann
567 posts
Jun 20, 2010
1:35 PM
Damn you guys are fast readers!

BlowsMeAway Productions
BlueState - my band
Bluestate on iTunes
677 posts
Jun 20, 2010
1:38 PM
fat lot of good that does the many of us who, by trial and error, have spent waaaay to much on a mic that is "okay".
but i guess it will keep others from that same expensive pass and stop some others from the continuous road to the poor house.
i agree with sorin. this is a much better thread than some recent ones. (and not just in this forum.)
172 posts
Jun 20, 2010
2:12 PM
Thank you Greg. The true sign of a good soul in my book is one who is willing to freely share thier knowledge. Bravo!!!!
1590 posts
Jun 20, 2010
2:24 PM
Thanks Greg, I'll download and print it right now :)
18 posts
Jun 20, 2010
6:29 PM
This looks like a fantastic resource. I am looking forward to reading this whole thing!
396 posts
Jun 20, 2010
6:59 PM
A nice read. Thanks Greg!
2109 posts
Jun 20, 2010
7:14 PM
that's great Greg. Thank you!

"Musicians are the architects of heaven"
19 posts
Jun 20, 2010
7:15 PM
Awesome! Thanks Greg. You were very generous with your knowledge at HCH and this is over the top. As someone just moving into amplified blues it is invaluable to have access to such great information.
439 posts
Jun 20, 2010
8:42 PM
Greg this is EXCELLENT.

I don't know how good people think this is but I can say it's an EXCELLENT pdf file. This is a lifetime of wisdom in 20 pages. I am very impressed.

Can I use it for teaching people (crediting you and and referring the source at the same time)?

Thanks for the great pdf Greg!

162 posts
Jun 20, 2010
11:27 PM
Bout Time someone called the CM & CR's what they are ,.Dynamic's <>
Good reading.
Simply Unique Kustom Mic's By Rharley

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337 posts
Jun 21, 2010
5:21 AM
Thanks Greg.
452 posts
Jun 21, 2010
5:53 AM
Yeah, Greg knows his stuff. My god...
216 posts
Jun 21, 2010
6:06 AM
@Greg Heumann:

1. Thank you for an authoritative, informative and very readable document!

2. To echo Zhin above (/Can I use it for teaching people (crediting you and and referring the source at the same time)?/):

(i) is it OK if I print out some copies for students, or would you prefer I directed them to your website?

(ii) aside from the copyright info on the text itself, what - if any - additional crediting would you like if I use this text?

(iii) what limitations would you like there to be on uploading / emailing on / printing / etc. Again, would it be better for you to direct people to your website?

Thanks again,

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Greg Heumann
569 posts
Jun 21, 2010
9:17 AM
Hi, Captain

First of all - thanks to you and Zhin for asking! I really appreciate that kind of morality. You are welcome to use the document as long as the copyright and BlowsMeAway identification/URL is preserved (to keep it from going beyond you and my other MBH "friends of the family".)

If it is easier for you to produce copies, that's OK - but feel free to direct them to my web site.

Of course what I really hope you'll do, if you have students, is to recommend my site and products to them when the time comes.

Thanks again

BlowsMeAway Productions
BlueState - my band
Bluestate on iTunes

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131 posts
Jun 21, 2010
9:40 AM
Greg--just want to chime in with my thanks for this very informative paper. What a great contribution to the forum.


35 posts
Jun 21, 2010
1:45 PM
Thanks for doing this!
49 posts
Jun 21, 2010
2:17 PM
Greg, you're just a total class act. Just printed mine to read over and over.
454 posts
Jun 21, 2010
5:17 PM
Once again, I salute you, Greg. I am certain you'll be rewarded for this generosity in the long-run. I'm probably not the only one who knows where I'll be heading as soon as I'm on the market for a mic.

(Hint: I want SM58, without the hand cramps)
26 posts
Jun 21, 2010
5:50 PM
Greg is definitely a class act!
I bought 2 of those volume controls he sells and also a couple of his low to high transformers.
Quality stuff, fair priced and prompt service.
Damn good man...
440 posts
Jun 21, 2010
8:05 PM
Thanks for the permit Greg!

It's going to be very useful.

And I like how you're not shy about selling your own stuff through the file since the information you are giving away is concise and worthy enough.

I can respect that.

Have a great day man.

350 posts
Jun 21, 2010
8:28 PM
man if there was a medal that honored selfless giving and devotion to the craft of making music with a harp, and amping it- you'd get TWO of them Greg!

i have the page saved and will study it at my leisure. i have no doubt it'll be enlightening since a lot of your posts have been so, very much.

fwiw i recommend you to harp guys locally when the opportunity presents. no idea if anyone has actually taken the plunge as yet. i show off the mic you modded for me too. which by the way is working great!

thanks for your willingness to give out this extremely helpful information with an eye toward helping us all get a little better- or a lot!
18 posts
Jun 21, 2010
8:49 PM
Thanks Greg for passing on your knowledge, I appreciate it!
48 posts
Jun 22, 2010
9:59 PM
Greg, I've long respected your knowledge and generosity in sharing it--you've taken it to a new level--thanks.
Jim Harris
16 posts
Jun 22, 2010
10:32 PM
Great article. Thanks. :)

So, what is the best choice, or do we need two types?
Right now I have a Hohner Blues Blaster, but have been thinking maybe a SM 58, and a mic stand too, to get hand effects for an acoustic approach.
Lots of choices out there!
1469 posts
Jun 23, 2010
7:15 AM
Greg-Thanks so much for creating and sharing this.
My only complaint is that I didn't have it 21 years ago to guide me towards the good stuff and to keep me away from the bad!

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