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Modest mute
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Feb 10, 2019
12:14 AM
I have made a small, tennis-ball sized mute that fits comfortably in the palm of my left hand. It is similar to other open-ended mutes but this shape and material are perhaps more comfortable to hold for those with smaller hands. I had used turkey baster bulbs in the recent past with a .5" hole cut in the top of the bulb, dead center, to slide onto stick mics for better grips and a good cup. I cut one bulb too far for it to work on a mic I was modding, so I abandonded the remaining bulb for a few days. It came to me later that the remaining bulb, with its .5" hole and the larger, 1.5" hole where the baster stem would attach, would fit nicely in my left hand, held like a ball. As it is fairly thick rubber, unlike some other baster models, it bends when I need it to, comforms perfectly. The base, where the larger hole is, is cut to reveal a 1.5" opening, a slight trim up from the original base, and is where the right hand would normally cup the left. The rubber is very grippy, especially so if one turns the prop inside-out, and that adds to the ease of handling. I opened up the original hole I had cut in the top of the bulb a little, made it oval, same shape hole you'd see if you were to hold up your left hand in front of you and touch thumb and index tips together. One could cut the bulb down to a custom shape from there, at the large-holed side, maybe bevel it a bit, or to whatever works best for you. My bulb doesn't protrude out of my hand at all, it goes right to the outside edge of my left pinky and palm. It's a really cool prop, is crush-proof, comes in different shapes, sizes and colors, easy to shape and ALL are under $2, usually, but there are more expensive ones. I like the bulb I accidentally discovered this idea with as it is dense enough to stay bulged out, doesn't collapse under my grip, no matter how tight, it always springs back full shape. Where the harp blows into is flat, it is a piece that's about 1.5" diameter that sticks up about .25". I will try to find a link to that bulb and paste it here. I hope somebody tries this idea, super easy to make. I might point out that this is a great mute, for playing quietly, straight into the cup but not wah-ing with the right hand. The wah, though, is impressive. It is not the same as a metal mute/wah thingie, but it really helps make a cup for perfect wahs. The link below shows the same bulb I used for this mute. It is a lot more expensive at this site but there are many options out there, dollar stores for instance. Give it a try, y'all. Cheers !!!


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