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Best Electrovoice harp mic today.
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Jan 12, 2018
7:59 AM

Which is the best (if there is a universally recognized mic) EV mic for harmonica today in production?
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Jan 12, 2018
11:18 AM
I love EV mics and I have three and love all of them. First of all they are very feedback resistant and have very strong output.

Most of the time I use cheap EV Co4 cobalt. As mostly any piece of gear it is not perfect, but it rather universal as I often have to go from clean to dirty and vice versa and I have no time to change mics. It has strong output and good response for distorted harmonica. It responds to hand effects rather good, not as good as bullet mics, but good. At the same time it is rather ok for clean cupped tone comparing to any bullet. The only mic I love more is my Shure 545SD, but for bands I play it is too fat sounding. I prefer more balanced low, mids and hi frequencies for my current bands (for straight blues band I'd prefer 545).

If I don't need much distorted harmonica tone I prefer to play EV N/D 478. Not as good for distorted (but still rather ok), but it is very cool for clean cup.

I also have great EV N/D967. It is good for both clean, distorted and clean cup, but due to big head it is not good for hand effects when cupped.

Here's 967 clean cupped.

Here's shure 545 distroted.

Here's Co4 distorted

Here's N/D478 clean cupped


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