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Favorite harp/singers?
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228 posts
Jan 11, 2018
1:10 PM
Who are your favorite harp players with great voices? Here are my picks:

1. Paul Butterfield
2 William Clarke
3. Huey Lewis
4. John Nemeth
5. Curtis Salgado
1896 posts
Jan 11, 2018
2:48 PM
howling wolf
big mama thornton

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659 posts
Jan 11, 2018
4:42 PM
1. Pete Burnett
2. Gant Eichrot

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2445 posts
Jan 11, 2018
4:47 PM
1) Carey Bell
2) Aleck "Rice" Miller
3) Wolf
4) Little Walter
5) James Cotton



2027 posts
Jan 11, 2018
5:09 PM
Junior Wells
Taj Mahal

BronzeWailer's YouTube
10 posts
Jan 11, 2018
6:17 PM
Junior Wells
Sonny Boy Williamson II
Howlin' Wolf
565 posts
Jan 11, 2018
9:35 PM
1. James Cotton
2. Bruce Willis
3. Stevie Wonder
Marc Graci
YouTube Channel
5 posts
Jan 12, 2018
4:55 AM
I must admit I love SBW 2's voice almost as much as his great harping.
675 posts
Jan 12, 2018
7:20 AM
Taj Mahal
Tad Robinson
John Nemeth
Steve Mariner
James Harman
Johnny Sansone
Buster Brown

Also Harrison Kennedy is a top notch singer who plays some harp
134 posts
Jan 12, 2018
7:22 AM
How has Paul Delay not made anyone's list? (in my not so humble opinion!)
304 posts
Jan 12, 2018
8:24 AM
Curtiss Salgado
9700 posts
Jan 12, 2018
11:14 AM
Bob Dylan
Neil Young
Alanis Morissette!

Oh, wait... (actually, I like all of them, but not as singer/harp combos).

His lyrics haven't held up as well as they could, but Huey Lewis is fun.

I love Robert Plant's singing, and I can name at least one song I like his harp on (When the Levee Breaks)

Big Mamma Thornton
Taj Mahal
His harp player was never more than adequate, but I always like Tom Petty, same for Steven Tyler. They really are more singers who happen to play harmonica.
Guy Davis puts on a great show.

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Jan 13, 2018
6:51 AM
howlin` wolf is my favorite with butterfield close 2nd
1674 posts
Jan 13, 2018
10:22 AM
I'm amazed that no one has mentioned Kim Wilson.
3 posts
Jan 14, 2018
10:40 AM
When I saw this thread I had to plug Paul Butterfield and was so pleased to see he was Number 1 on the first list I saw!
ted burke
618 posts
Jan 15, 2018
11:07 AM
Paul Butterfield
Little Walter
Ken Schopmeyer
Sugar Blue
Mark Ford
Kim Wilson

The list is in no real order of preference. My criteria was that their chops had to be solid and distinct and their singing sound honest, heartfelt and tuneful. That said, everyone is naming great players/singers. I give Bruce Willis some kudos for having a solid, if basic style, and for his excitement about the blues. Good on him.
325 posts
Jan 15, 2018
2:46 PM
I'm going with Darrell Nulisch, Gary Primich and the late Lee McBee (led the Mike Morgan and the Crawl for years).
Ricky B
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John M G
184 posts
Jan 15, 2018
3:20 PM
Can't believe no one has mentioned Norton Buffalo ?!
He seems to get ignored here. I've always rated him as one of THE best players, diatonic and chromatic.
And only the one mention of Stevie Wonder ?

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ted burke
619 posts
Jan 15, 2018
3:53 PM
Buffalo is one of the great harmonica players, crushing it blues, rock, country and swing. Double threat, fleet and fluid on diatonic and chromatic. I never cared for his singing though. He's technically good, but he's too folkie for my tastes, and a tad nasal. Fantastically awesome harpist, though.

Stevie Wonder is an obvious choice, but I left him off because the players had to be blues-based, I thought. And , as much as he's a genius on chromatic, he doesn't play it that much in performance or on album. I think keyboard, not harmonica when his name is mentioned.
131 posts
Jan 16, 2018
12:33 AM
Sometimes I'm not sure if this is about harp players with great voices or singers who incidentally or occasionally play harp.

In the first group I'd include the obvious:
Howlin Wolf
Little Walter
Rice Miller
James Cotton
But two other harp players who I don't think have been mentioned:
Rick Estrin - who puts fun into the lyrics and delivery
Andy Just - who puts incredible energy into both his playing and singing
157 posts
Jan 17, 2018
6:05 AM
I like all the great harp singers, here is one who don`t play harp too much but is a great singer, John Fogerty, CCR......
74 posts
Jan 19, 2018
3:02 PM
I'm going to throw out a country artist with a good country voice and can actually play a pretty mean harp... Clint Black

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