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Jan 10, 2018
9:38 AM
Dose anyone know how to do the triplet in surger sweet! I think it is around the 4and 5 holes! Or a good 1 lv v. Triplet?
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Jan 12, 2018
9:05 AM
I looked up sugar sweet on u tube ---got some LA disco ,trendy, nauseating thing; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09R8_2nJtjg

So I guess u mean "Mitch Kashmar: Sugar Sweet at Hill Country Harmonica 2012" at:

The mitch Kashmar was real and enjoyable--not "OVERDUBBED DISCO"
I lived through the disco period, pity me please, it was torture---People thought I was nuts listening to Muddy-walter-sonny.s-canned heat etc---they said u cant dance to that stuff –But the Blues is still here, people are still dancing to it ===disco duck isn't here anymore
Anyway Roadharp----- please give more info if u can -I couldn’t tell which song and or how to listen to it


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