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Unidentified Mic
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Dec 31, 2017
8:34 AM
I see on ebay a mic advertised with no indication of the Shure model.
The seller claims it is an early 545. Can anyone identify this with any degree of certainty?


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Dec 31, 2017
9:12 AM
If you look at the connector by clicking on the photo on your ebay link it appears to be the correct vintage connector noted in the 545 specs and diagrams on the Shure Discontinued Microphones page. I find this Shure page to be very useful when checking out old Shure mics and spec sheets.

Doug S.

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Dec 31, 2017
9:16 AM
If it is a 545 it can be a good mic. I had one with an adapter from high to low z, so I could plug into either the harp amp or a p.a., and sing or play harp in it. To me it had a similar response to a Shure sm57.



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Dec 31, 2017
9:25 AM
I meant to add that the seller also says that it is a 4 pin connection.
Barley Nectar
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Dec 31, 2017
9:46 PM
I recently picked up a near mint 545. Had the OEM 4 pin to XLR adapter cable, Shure sock and stand w/ clip. I rewired it to Hi Z. Those are dual impedance you know. The thing sounds AWESOME. Very responsive to hand position. This is the first stick mic that I really like.

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Jan 02, 2018
3:57 PM
As far as 545s go- I prefer the stick 545 w/ on/off switch, set to High Z, and XLR to 1/4" cable over the pistol grip models. I used to use one through a '72 Princeton I bought on lay-away and it kicked. I have a 4 pin pistol type 545 around somewhere. It makes for a lot of extra weight.
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