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Fender Mustangs and harmonica
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Dec 31, 2017
7:28 AM
I´m in need of something that "moves air", quite a bit of it, and meanwhile does not rip my wallet to shreds. The Fender Mustang 100W could be an interesting option, but I cannot see it carried by any of the local stores and for me to order one just for testing can be somewhat iffy.

Do we have any recent reportings on this gadget, with those 3962 amp models and whatever? (Nothing in the archives.)
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Dec 31, 2017
7:52 AM
pretty interesting amp... i have never heard of that model. i'd bet it sounds good.

i do not think you will get the volume you are looking for. it has one twelve inch speaker.
if you use an amp stand to get it up off the ground you may be able to hear it, but it would need to be mic'd.

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Dec 31, 2017
8:12 AM
I had a Fender Mustang for a while, as backup for my Vox VT30. I think it was roughly 35-40W, whatever model that was. Nice amp, easy to tweak, though it didn't sound as good as my Vox. I eventually bought a VT80 and got rid of the now-redundant Mustang. You might consider the VT80 in your search as well.


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