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John M G
177 posts
Dec 30, 2017
5:51 PM
When you start acquiring more years than you'd really like it forces some decisions!
I just want to keep improving as a harp player and my current mantra is "I'm not gonna die wondering". Having officially become an old fart at 65 in November I've decided if I can afford it and it'll help I'm in!
Here are some pics of my current gear.
I don't use the 520D much these days. It's on the big and heavy side.
I haven't really given the bulletini much of a run yet. Not using the SM 57 much now either. I love the RE 10 and also the Mad Dog.
I'm making all my own patch leads and cables. I've got a 72 CM element coming for the BluesBlaster/Astatic. I also bought a Sennheiser E835 for a bargain just to try.
I'm pretty much a Suzuki man for diatonics and have Manji's, Promaster's, Firebreaths, Olives and Fabulous . Love the CX 12 Chromatics. Had to have a 4 octave C and bought the Super 64X so using Gnarly's advice converted the Suzuki G-48 from a C to G so have a good compliment of Chromatic harps.
Only just bought the Lee natural minors and haven't done a lot with them so far.
I did have a Princeton 65 reverb reissue but it was heavy and I was in serious problems with my back and reluctantly sold it. I haven't had one second of regret going with the Quilter Pro Block 200 and the Frontliner 2x8 cab.
The pedal board I guess like most peoples is a work in progress and there is some redundancy in some of the pedals.
The "Boogieman" was my first modern pedal and I can't see myself letting it go. The Sonic Stomp came next cause MoonCat used one. Then the Lone Wolf Harp Attack and Octave and terminator. The POG 2 is way overkill! but fun and the C9 is just brilliant. The biggest improvement to volume has been the Squeal Killer.
The pedal board is Moen Pedal Bridge and a friend that was in the US brought home a Strymon Zuma power supply.
Here's some pics

4608 posts
Dec 30, 2017
6:02 PM
nice carpet... is that persian?
John M G
178 posts
Dec 30, 2017
8:11 PM
Seasons greetings 1847.
Not Persian. It's our dead dog Jackie's mat.
Have a great new year

messy ventura
138 posts
Dec 30, 2017
9:18 PM
Looks like some fun toys M G. Very sorry that Jackie is no longer with you to enjoy or howl along with the music
1350 posts
Dec 31, 2017
7:17 AM
Thanks for this. I´ll show them pics to a lady frequently in my prescense and who, I suspect, sometimes find my gear cravings a bit outrageous. (I have a fraction of what you own -- and I´m nothing but envious!)
4609 posts
Dec 31, 2017
7:22 AM
i was just fooling.... i like the quilter set up. i played briefly thru the front liner cab with a micro pro. it seemed to have quite a bit of volume. i wish i had something like that for tonight. i like to travel light
and the bassman may be overkill for a house party.

have a great new year.... may God bless you, each and every day. peace 47.
125 posts
Dec 31, 2017
4:16 PM
John, I immediately identified with you when I saw your post and your rig. I've got about 80 or so harps, mostly Suzuki, a Shure 520, Audix Fireball, 3 E-835's, 5 booms, a few amps and 68 years on earth and counting. Built my own pedal board equipped with mostly effects from TC Electronics and EHX. Recently started building a rehearsal and recording studio on the 2nd floor of my garage complete with computer, mixing board and working on PA system to be added to the mix. Recently added one of Brendan's Lucky 13's that I got from Rockin' Ron's. Everything forum members say about Ron's is true...Excellent service, good pricing and quick delivery! Would not hesitate to recommend him or to buy again. Only thing I'm missing is the dog! One question: How do you find the C-9 works with harp? Some forum members have noted limitations with some of the EHX organ-type pedals. 99% of the on-line demos for pedals are for guitar and a few for keyboard...very seldom any for harp.
John M G
179 posts
Dec 31, 2017
5:29 PM
Hi Raven. I've only had the C9 for a month or so and haven't really got into it in a big way just yet. I never expected to use it other than maybe for one or two numbers a night and it's a keeper for me. The POG 2 I'm not sure about. There are a lot of settings to experiment with and it's fun but wish I'd found the C9 first with the benefit of hindsight. I was looking to emulate Carey Bells sound from one of his European tours. I also found a couple of clips on facebook of a great harp player Ben Bouman who was using the pedal to great effect. Well worth searching him out as he is using current gear. I bought the C9 on Amazon but like many others here I have now started buying from Rockin' Ron's which is where I got the Squeal Killer. Great people to deal with.
Just found out Ben was using the following "The song is in the key of A, 2nd position D harp standard tuning.. the pedal is the TC Electronics Sub 'n Up ( Octaver).. used it with a nice toneprint from TC Electronics.." so not a C9
Cheers John
19 posts
Dec 31, 2017
8:51 PM
I'm sorry you lost your dog. I think I might have one of her relatives.

Last Edited by FastFourier on Dec 31, 2017 9:33 PM
123 posts
Dec 31, 2017
10:18 PM
Having just turned 69 I understand too heavy. A 53 lb Bassman became too much to lift in and out of a vehicle. I built a smaller speaker cab, bought a smaller amp, and in my harp case, fit a smaller mic and one (Boss FRV-1 reverb) pedal. Life got simpler and my back, happier. Now I need a rug!
John M G
180 posts
Jan 01, 2018
3:19 AM
FastFourier, that sure is a good looking boy/girl. I hope he/she has as sweet a nature as our lovely Jackie did. She looks like butter wouldn't melt.
Have a great new year everyone.
Love to you all.
Cheers John

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