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Harmonica Setup and Customization service in EU
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Dec 03, 2017
4:44 AM

I would to list some skilled guys on harmonica setup and/or customization in Europe. There are a lot of good men in USA but in Europe?

Ben Bouman (especially for Seydel harps):


Harmonica Online Shop (Ron Van Hal). I don't know if still works, I have no notices from a while:



Can you reccomend others?

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Dec 03, 2017
7:55 AM
I just updated our customizer list (mostly taking out broken links). I had Ben, and I added Harmonica Online Shop. Here is a list of people who customize harps. I'm not sure who is in Europe, although I know a few of them are- Dannecker, BlueX, Broudur, Ergo, and Boris (I just sent him a IM to see if he has a more recent site).


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Dec 03, 2017
8:39 AM
Hi nacoran, I've missed your thread! In effect, I'm interested, in particular way, to guys which make good reeds/reedplates job optimizing the harp. More "setup-service" and less "customization" I can say...Exotical combs and wood cover are nice but I think that an effective reeds/reedplates job is a core of harp performance.

A better comb for some cheap harp (special 20, bluesmaster and so on...) can improve the airtighteness, but without an effective reed/reedplate job the performances are limited anyway. My philosophy is to buy a a good out-of-the-box harp with "affordable" price like suzuki promaster, tombo aero, seydel 1847 silver, and then do the reeds/reedplates job: these harps don't need custom parts in my humble opinion...So, with less 100$ we can have a superior harp...danneker, brodur, dortel are all awesome harps but a lot expansive...

Ben Bouman can do that (especially on seydel harmonicas, but he can work on others brand I think...).

Can you advise someone in your list considering my request?

Many thanks, bye

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Dec 04, 2017
3:44 PM
for repairs and
for customs.
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Dec 06, 2017
1:46 PM
Reasonably priced Reed Replacement and tech support on Hand Made Series Hohner Diatonic Harmonicas.

'Making the world a better place, one harmonica at a time.
Click MP for more info. Aloha Mark

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