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Line out to PA options
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Nov 06, 2017
6:00 AM
I am considering how to send a signal to the PA and also use my amp head and speaker. None of my amps have a line out option. Also important is that the signal that I send to the PA must come through my amp and not just be a split off the microphone. I am not interested in micing the amp … although that may sound the best it brings with it too many issues I don’t want to deal with

There are several brands of DI boxes that will do this through the amp speaker out jack. Some are passive (require no power) some are active and require 9V power or phantom power. Some have speaker simulation and the list of bells and whistles go on and up with price.

The one I am considering is the Behringer Ultra-G GI100 DI

Behringer Ultra-G GI100 DI

There are lots of reviews using guitar but not for harp. Anyone have experience or recommendations with this type of DI?

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Nov 30, 2017
8:40 AM
I have used the Behringer Ultra DI DI100, but not in line with a speaker, though it says it can handle that task when pads are in. It is a clean active DI.

The "G" version you note has speaker emulation, which could help when used with an amp. DIs are often useful, and it is not that expensive. The emulation can be switched on or off. I would suggest you go for it. A DI is always handy to have available.

Doug S.
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Nov 30, 2017
10:23 AM
Sorry, mic it.
Any point out from the circuit won't include the speaker so I've never considered line out as a decent enough option. Mic-ing the amp has issues but they should be manageable. I go 4-10's if I don't have PA control and (often) straight pedal board to the PA/Monitor if I do have control.
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Dec 04, 2017
8:22 AM
see if this helps u hook to yr spkr wires----made by squeeel killer

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