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posting a link to a website
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Jul 17, 2017
7:21 AM
To create a link to a website it is necessary to insert the correct code in the box
You can cut and paste the code or it can be memorized, not to hard.
What you need to do is insert the address you want to link in between the parenthesis

“” “”
First copy and paste the address to want to link to, then right click in between the parenthesis and paste the link.

Next you need to insert what you want to decide to call the link and insert that in between the arrow
Just left click between the arrows and type away.
insert a link to a website

This feature can come in handy. Hope this helps. 47
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Jul 17, 2017
2:32 PM
I cheat... you may notice that I have links in my signature. Whenever I need to post a link I just steal the code from my own signature, insert the new link, and viola! :)

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Jul 18, 2017
12:54 AM
I usually do Nate's way too, but sometimes I can't be bothered and just paste it in. If someone is really interested they can highlight it and right click "go to link".

It's actually the fault of the web host for not auto parsing urls into links. Solved problem.
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