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Best Multi-Harmonica Holder
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Jul 15, 2017
12:39 AM
Hey gang, loving the enthusiasm on this site already. Heard some great songs I never heard before and some great advice I have never seen.

Later this year I am going to be visiting some friends in SE Asia that own guesthouses so I plan on playing my harmonicas when I am there to make a little bit of travel money. I don't want to be that guy pulling a harmonica out of his pocket, so I want to have a good holder so I can use a couple different harmonicas while I jam with people. I have never really done something like this before (I use to play them all with friends in front of the fire but not as a part of a big jam for money) so any advice on what holders to use for a single harmonica so I can play banjo and something like a belt so I can hold all of them on stage at once. Thanks in advance everyone!

After looking at some sites that were mentioned and not finding what I wanted for the right price, I decided to take a look at a website a coworker suggested called http://www.used.forsale/harmonica-holder
which has some great deals on it. I managed to snag a single harmonica holder as well as a belt holder for less than the cost of one of them in store.

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Irish Soul
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Jul 15, 2017
5:15 AM
If you check out Rockin' Ron's site he will have a selection....I carry a single leather holder I bought off him but I believe he sells the belts. If he doesn't I bet he can get you what you want at a good price or tell you who to go to. Good luck, I know what it's like when you want something specific but don't see it around.
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Jul 16, 2017
12:04 AM
Awesome man, thanks for that. Looking at the website now and it seems there is tons of great stuff on there, and like you said if I can't find it there is no harm in asking. Thanks for the help, and the well wishes.
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Jul 16, 2017
4:31 AM
I have a 4 harp case from Cumberland Cases that I love. Jeffrey stopped making cases for a while, but he has a new website now.

jlspoor (dot) c0m

I also have a nice single harp case from Pinegrove Leather and I had a 18 harp case made from someone who works with leather in my local market.

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