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am I the best was a rhetorical question thank you
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Jul 13, 2017
10:33 AM
Maybe I should have said why am I the best
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Jul 14, 2017
1:22 AM
I don't think it was necessary to add any more information. I understand fully that you are the best. Your playing is an inspiration to all, and I consider myself fortunate just to have this all-too limited, impersonal sort of communication with you.

Like you, I often wonder about what makes me so great. This question keeps me up at night. I wonder, "Why, God? Why am I so great? Why can't everyone have 'it'?" And I really can't come up with the answer. It haunts me. It's just a cruel twist of fate, a cosmic joke.
Marc Graci
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Rush Thompkins
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Jul 14, 2017
3:56 AM
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Jul 14, 2017
11:34 PM
You should have titled this one "Am I the best at rhetorical questions".

I think the majority of the people in the thread seemed amused.

I don't know why, but at one point, a few years back, we started describing one player's playing in miraculous terms. (I'm not sure if he'd even posted a sample, I think it was in response to some wiseass remark someone made). Anyway, I remember once saying that his ten hole blow on an F# harp was so pure that it could restart the heart of a dead hummingbird.

I may actually invent a fake harmonica player just so I can come up with creative ways to praise him.

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Jul 15, 2017
2:46 PM
There is simply no reason to explain your greatness. You simply are The Best. If the others don't get it, that's their problem.
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Blind Melon
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Jul 18, 2017
9:28 AM
You are truly a legend in your own mind....and humble to boot!
ted burke
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Jul 18, 2017
10:38 AM
Only a real harmonica God would assert that they are the best without providing videos of their playing. Everything I said about your playing and its miraculous effects it has on the substance of reality are true precisely because none of it can be proved.
Ted Burke


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