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rockin ron's endorsement
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Popculture Chameleon
199 posts
Apr 21, 2017
9:29 AM
After my post on where do you get your harmonica's from I decided to give rockin ron's a try. I Bought my very first chromatic a SCX 64. Within less than an hour I received 4 emails from the company- verifying the order- veryifying the payment verifying the order was shipped and an email to let me know the order was complete.
I was shocked at how fast this order was processed and handled. And that is in a good way. From here on out anything harp related I need that I can get from rockin ron's is where Ill take my business. thank you to everyone who recommended him.
Harp Study
239 posts
Apr 21, 2017
9:33 AM
Yeap, Ron Rocks!
1460 posts
Apr 21, 2017
9:50 AM
The only problem is now I wonder what the hell is going on when it takes more than a week to get something from anywhere else.
Thanks a lot, Ron.
9439 posts
Apr 21, 2017
10:57 AM
Littoral, it's not their fault. They just don't have access to wormholes like Ron does. :)

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Apr 22, 2017
3:41 PM
It's because Ron is just better than everybody else. He is simply the finest dealer of harmonicas and certain harp gear the harp world has ever seen.

He'll actually call you up and ask you if you got your harps.

I'll bet he plays a mean harp to love his biz so much.
Have good day. M.A.P.

Last Edited by MP on Apr 22, 2017 3:44 PM
1790 posts
Apr 23, 2017
11:18 AM
yep-great service
630 posts
Apr 24, 2017
12:54 PM
i sometimes wonder if Rockin' Ron actually lives inside the post office.

he was working yesterday,and it was a sunday.he's the best.
140 posts
Apr 24, 2017
7:14 PM
Sometimes you have to wonder if he ships before you order.
2163 posts
Apr 24, 2017
7:30 PM
@MP Ron is a drummer, but also plays harp (and guitar, I think . . . and bass guitar).
312 posts
Apr 26, 2017
3:59 AM
I get all my harps from Rockin' Ron. He has the best service in the business.
15 posts
Apr 27, 2017
10:47 AM
Ron, gets all my business as well...
45 posts
May 10, 2017
6:10 PM
For me, Rockin Ron's my #1 go-to. Secondly is ez-reeder. Last (for some backup harps & audio equipment) is eBay.
2 posts
May 10, 2017
6:17 PM
I bought a 12 set from ron's years back and yep: best harp dealer anywhere.
48 posts
May 11, 2017
9:09 AM
Echoing this. Had a cart ready to go on Musician's Friend and saw this thread. Placed the same order on his site and the pricing was exactly the same. Got nearly immediate receipt/shipping/tracking info. Very pleased. I won't buy anywhere else now.
1435 posts
May 11, 2017
1:38 PM
I ordered Manji reed plates and a Seydel SS comb (different projects!) on May 9 in the afternoon. They arrived this afternoon, from California to Central Illinois.

On past orders Ron has emailed and even called to discuss an order.

I heartily endorse this business!

Doug S.
37 posts
May 11, 2017
7:56 PM
Count me in. I ordered a Manji on a Friday and I found it under my pillow on a Monday. Rock indeed Ron. Rock indeed.

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