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Apr 20, 2017
11:49 AM
i am not a happy camper....

i put 2 g10a's in my bassman, i like them alot
i would put 2 more in my amp but thay will not fit.

so i ordered 2 g10c's they are smaller. it was a bit of a hassle
to get them in there, i go to put the chassis back in...

it does not fit, the speakers are still too big. my whole plan is quashed.

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Apr 20, 2017
12:27 PM
Guess you never heard the saying "Measure twice, buy and install once", eh?
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Apr 20, 2017
1:12 PM
speakers are a bit difficult to measure....

i could tell the large alnicos were not going to fit, seemed pretty obvious.
i called the factory to see if the ceramics were going to be an issue.

they said they would fit, they are the experts. i guess they know now.

i am just real bummed, i had hoped to have the worlds heaviest 410 bassman on the planet.
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Apr 21, 2017
7:01 AM
Man, sucks when the company steers you wrong. So much for them being the experts.

It should be easy enough to measure the clearances inside your cabinet and/or the speakers that came out of it, and compare those measurements with the speaker dimensions listed on a maker's website, but it looks like the WGS website doesn't list mounting dimensions, unlike Eminence and Celestion. Lame.
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Apr 21, 2017
7:21 AM
I was installing a Weber 12" alnico in an amp and the back of the speaker assembly barely touched the 6v6 tubes. My amp tech advised me to take the can off the back of the speaker magnet, exposing the U shaped magnet. When I did there was plenty of room between the magnet and the tubes. You might see if the can comes off your speaker magnet.

His explanation was that the U shaped magnet's field orientation was different than a ceramic magnet's field, and that taking off the can did not have any negative effects.

Doug S.
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Apr 21, 2017
8:47 AM
looks like i will need to rethink my entire set up.

there is no can on the speaker, the alnicos fit just fine on the bottom.
it is the top 2 speakers that are an issue.

the 2 ceramic speakers are going back to the manufacturer unless someone here would like them?

i will be putting 2 re-coned p10r's on top. not sure if i will keep the wgs g10a's on the bottom.

i have a reconed p10Q and a re-issue p10q that might go better with the p10 rs.

my whole plan is kind of messed up at the moment.
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Apr 21, 2017
8:47 AM
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